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Tarleton State Moving to Division 1

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by texpat-ute, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Looks like TCU might have a new non-conference opponent just 70 miles down the road. The Texans will be in the Western Athletic Conference for other sports and be independent in football.
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  2. Have aggy or Rape U scheduled them yet?
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  3. I don't think Tarleton has enough convicted felons on their team to qualify as a Baylor non-conference opponent. Although Texags did have a thread mentioning them as a possible opponent.
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  4. This is why I hate the FCS/FBS crap. The ncaa likes to call them both division 1. So dumb.

    My understanding is they will be FCS, so not division 1. Yet, the media keeps pushing in their headlines that Tarleton will be Division 1.

    Given what I saw of some fan reactions on reddit, half their fan base thought they would soon be playing against Bama and TCU and UT. Womp womp.
  5. I guess they’ve moved up out of Baylor’s scheduling parameters...
  6. Coming to a TCU season-opener near you... Let's not laugh at Baylor's schedule when we pull this garbage every year. I love GP, but I absolutely hate the logic of scheduling one pointless home game a year.
  7. Half of their fan base could fit in my garage with my wife's Honda Pilot comfortably parked in it. I went to three Tarleton games last season (none so far this year). Last year they finished 4th in the Lone Star Conference in per game attendance (out of 9 teams)
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  8. Hey! Here is the opportunity for Briles Bucket to get back into college football. They still love him in Stephenville...
    BEAT iowa lite
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
  9. Not sure if serious.

    FCS is division 1. Formerly 1-AA versus our 1-A but both were D1 and are still D1.
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    D-1AA has never been division 1. They may call it that, but there is and has been only one division 1, the Division 1...not 1-aa, not 2, not any other junk, just plain old division 1.
  11. Yes, but for basketball, it’s all called Division 1.
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  12. The point is...is that it is a home game...little brothers will come here for an allowance...big brothers (coughOhioState) won't come here....
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  13. The only problem I have with FCS or weaker FBS teams is that we do not have what I call a "bully" mentality, like Baylor had under Briles and aggy under Sherrill/Slocum. They actually seemed to look forward to playing a much weaker team and running up a score. GP's teams have more of a bored, lackadaisical attitude, thus an occasional close game or even loss to a much weaker team. At least for teams with a bully attitude, an easy non conference game seems to help: undefeated with impressive scores (on paper), confidence builder and lots of players get experience with less injuries to starters. I remember watching some Briles Baylor teams against the cupcake teams and they threw the kitchen sink at them. No holding back for fear of showing their offense, no experimenting on defense....it was obvious they played to make the game virtually over after the first quarter, then still poured it on to post an "impressive" score. The only downside is they have not been pressured early. And did not improve that much late in the season.

    But, I have yet to see a team losing ranking and be excluded from top bowls or the playoffs due to a cushy non conference schedule. Wins, or rather lack of losses, and blowing out teams get the high rankings. Plus, of course having a "name" helps.
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  14. I kinda wish we would bully teams more often, if we're able to.
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  15. Don't know how the whole season would play out but there would be a lot less of Kansas-2018 and SMU-2019 games. I never saw a flat Briles team vs an FCS team.
  16. I think it was more just the way they were built to play. They never really slowed the tempo on offense because that offense absolutely depended on it to be successful. Works great against bad, outmatched teams.
  17. I think we probably just weren't watching them closely.

    Looking back, Baylor lost to Connecticut in 2008 and 2009, lost to Illinois in a bowl game in 2010, beat Kansas in OT in 2011, beat ULM by 5 in 2012. The next couple years they won by a lot, then the program was disgraced.

    And I don't recall a lot of close TCU games against FCS.

    scheiss Baylor
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  18. I get that, but there are a lot of schools in between these extremes. We could put together a non-conference slate every year of SMU, other G5 home-and-home, and P5 home-and-home. Offset it so that we have two road non-conference games the years that we play five at home in conference and vice versa. Easy. It's a good slate of twelve meaningful games.
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  19. Tarelton would easily beat SWAC teams. I'd rather play Tarleton than a SWAC opponent
  20. Fearful peer...

    Yeah, yeah, I know...it was all about the Benjamins.

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