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Summer Sports Dead Zone Trivia Tuesday

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by ShadowFrog, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Excitebike pissed me off more than I enjoyed it.
  2. You know what game sucked? Dragon’s Lair.
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  3. Sports talk baseball was glorious on Sega Genesis. They had Julio Franco’s actual stance. My brother and I played a season with the white Sox one summer and keep our own stats. Frank Thomas got around 550 with 100+ homeruns.

    Joe Montana sportstalk football - “It’s third down and I can’t believe it” was the call every time you ran a fake punt before fourth down.

    True Story - In 2004, I got out my old Nintendo and 3 buddies of mine played Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. We alternated opponents and went through and beat Tyson the first time we played it. Not trying to brag*, but I took down Tyson

    *I am trying to brag.
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  4. Computer nerds...

    Strat-O-Matic baseball.
  5. This thread is way too discriminatory. People affilicted with ADD and have less than a 5 minute attention span can't respond here, but still have summer boredom issues. Let's expand to other pastimes, like eating (what is your favorite weekly restaurant), drink (what is your favorite mixed drink), or even who is your favorite porn star?
  6. original RBI baseball game was greatness
  7. NHL Hitz 2002. scheissing love that game
  8. Was it madden 96 where you could use another game cartridge to create a player that ran a 40 time in 3 seconds?

    Also, I think is was NHL 94 or 96 that had a killer Buffalo Sabres team with Lafontaine and Alexander Mogilny. That game was a blast.
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  9. Mogilny was with the Devils in 99/00. Their roster that year was sick. Arnott, Elias, Holik, Sykora, Gomez, Nemchinov, McKay, Rafalsky, C. Lemiuex, Stevens. Plus Brodeur between the pipes and Neidermeyer to win any fight you want to pick. Only roster on that game that’s even close is Dallas, though they gave Lindros superpowers on that game, so Philly always had a puncher’s chance. As did Buffalo...if you scored on the dominator in that game you should’ve framed the puck.
  10. Anyone ever play the PC game "Spelunker"? it was a great platform based game. I remember finally finishing it on the Atari 1300 back in 1986.

    I was also really good at JumpMan.
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    We just talking sports games here? Most of y’all have already mentioned them. I still have my NHL’s from back then. I also loved and was great at the OG, Bill Walsh College Football.

    For non-sports I’m throwing in Medal of Honor Frontline. The D-Day assault, the battle in Arnhem, the snipers on the bridge, the music throughout that game....awesome.

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  12. This thread needs some videos of said games guys, c’mon now.

    Btw, anyone ever play or remember RC Pro Am on Nintendo? I played that a ton too. Frustrating as hell though.
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  13. Baseball Stars: NES, 1989

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  14. [​IMG]
  15. RBI Baseball - the OG of sports games, IMO (slightly above Techmo Bowl for me)

    NHL '94 - Pavel Bure was untouchable

    Gamebreaker '98 - Running the option with Nebraska was basically a cheat code. Scott Frost + Ahman Green = House

    Goldeneye 007 - No Oddjob allowed

    StarFox 64 - DO A BARREL ROLL!
  16. Great game. Once you create a team full of guys maxed out at 90 points and start run-ruling the all stars every game, it kinda looses its appeal, though.
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  17. I will beat every single one of you in Tecmo Super Bowl. There was a day where I could have done the same on Blades of Steel but that day has passed. @Tom Brown and his creamsicle Bucs know the pain.
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  18. You had to be either suuuuper dialed in or on meth to beat Tyson on that game.
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