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Summer Sports Dead Zone Trivia Tuesday

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by ShadowFrog, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. gonna be a long haul to 31 August:

    —-Favorite video game you got good at when they came out & why?

    For me it was Tail Gunner.
  2. Many. Street Fighter 2 sticks out, though.
  3. Ken Griffey Jr Major League Baseball in N64
  4. After I retired, and we moved back to NRH, it was Borderlands and Uncharted. Still play them.
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  5. [​IMG]

    once the pattern was memorized it was simply a matter of counting in your head to make sure that if you had the ball first you took up the entire half with one run.

    time to time would get bit in the ass by a glitch or miscounting, but not uncommon to have a final score of 14-7 where i had the ball twice and opponent once.
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  6. Tough call between Super Mario Bros, Contra and NHL 94. It’s been a long time but I can take all y’all in NHL 94.
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  7. Real good call on the contra, great game. First game I remember being good at was Mike Tyson’s punch out. Mario and Zelda are way up there as well.
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  8. I played Mike Tyson’s Punch Out this past weekend. Trying to regain some old glory. It’s not going well so far.
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  9. Galaga. I can play that game right now and literally never lose. I usually just give up after breaking whatever high score is showing.

    For current gen, I really only play Far Cry and Grand Theft Auto. Vice City is still my favorite.
  10. Arcade-wise, Atari Football. My friends and I would play for hours on that game. We had plays drawn up that were different than the set plays on the game’s diagrams. I think the diagrams showed four offensive and four defensive set plays. We had about four different plays for each set for a total of sixteen. We’d play four full 15 quarters and be totally wiped out after we finished.

    Loved Spy Hunter too. Galaga I could play until I got totally bored and would just quit after getting high score like Armadillo did.

    Missile Command used to piss me off, I could never beat that game.

    Home arcade was Techmo Bowl, NHL Hockey, and Mario Brothers, then F1 racing and Star Fox. Any WWII fighter plane game. Love those.
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  11. Didn’t get into NHL on Sega, but after I got a PS, me and my buddies wore out the version that had Lindros on the cover (99? 2000?). I might’ve lost 1 of every 15-20 games playing as the Devils. We need to have a game night and settle some things.
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  12. Glass Joe kicking your ass?
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  13. Intellivision NFL Football
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  14. Up up down down left right left right B A B select start.
  15. Don Flamenco. That cheating bass terd.
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  16. Finding an original Contra for NES is not easy. I’ve been looking for one in good condition.
  17. I have one. And Tecmo Bowl, Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Kid Poker, and a bunch more.
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  18. 10 yard fight was the Brilesboobs
    Much later in high school 98’ game charger was amazing on PlayStation
  19. [​IMG]
  20. Just a pack rat. Never play them any more. Trying to remember the other games. Baseball Stars, Tetris, Lee Trevino’s Fightin’ Golf, Excitebike, Legend of Zelda...probably more I’m forgetting.
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