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  1. The only thing I wish YouTube had is the NFL Network. Everything else is good and $50 is better then $250.
  2. I get all channels over 3,000 on IPTV
    all PPV Movie etc All sports ESPN + watched girls game on Fox + and baseball in Minn. Pay $30 a month got 3 friends to signup and $30 is actually Zero a month
    No DVR but free is ok without it
  3. I have never once seen a delay in my stream. I've been on the phone with friends watching a game or a fight and reacted simultaneously to an interception or a knockout, etc. There is *VERY* rarely a glitch in the stream where it will go fuzzy or lo-def for approximately 5 seconds or so, or pause with a rotating circle as the stream fixes an interrupt, but I cut the cord about this time last year and haven't missed a beat. YouTubeTV has everything I've ever wanted to watch except for the paid submission channels like CBS All Access or ESPN+, but I could get those if I want for relatively cheap.

    I have recommended it for every person that has mentioned their hesitance. It is well worth it IMO.
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  4. Are you using a VPN masking app when you stream content from your IPTV provider
  5. I moved to the same setup plus HBO. My only issue is access to Nick Jr (Paw Patrol, Blaze etc.) for my kids. They don’t have a deal with YouTube and the Noggin app does not have the recent seasons. I might have to subscribe to Philo ($20 a month) as well to get Nick Jr. CBS is supposed to be doing a deal with Viacom (Nick Jr) soon but either way I am now paying over 50% less a month than I was with DirecTV. Amazon 4K Fire Sticks are on sale right now for $35.

    I can’t tell you how great it was to untangle and remove about a million cords connecting the satellites boxes and whole home routers etc.
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  6. I will tell you that I have never had any such delay issue. When you switch to a channel that is playing a live sporting event, it will ask if you want to join live or start from the beginning. Once you join live it's up to your bandwidth and TV processor, but, at worst, I noticed a two second delay once from my radio. My TV actually plays faster than my computer (had'em both on at the same time).

    Plus you can watch three streams at once. So I gave my father a stream for his main TV. He grinnin'.
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  7. No premise is I bought marketing software. They gave me Streaming service for free. As long as you dont resell or record programming, you can watch anything over air for free
  8. question for those who have an issue with the delay in streaming.

    other than trying to sync up the picture with a radio broadcast the downside is exactly what?

    if you aren't at the actual event how does a 30 second delay impact your enjoyment? just curious the thoughts
  9. Doesn't bother me a bit.
  10. [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]posting in the game threads
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  11. I wish I could have a 10 min delay in the basketball streams vs the game thread so I would know to turn it off before I got sick
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  12. We're about to cut and go YTTV. I found some service with Nick Jr. For about $5 - $7 a month. Can't remember details, but will regoogle when we get there. Gonna have to do the same thing for Hallmark Channel for Purpette. But they're available combined for less than $20.
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  13. Other than, as mentioned above, the game threads, it doesn't for me. I tried watching the OSU game this year on the ESPN app when Direct TV was having the issue on the HD channels and finally just switched over to standard def on one of the TV's to participate. If I wasn't doing that, it wouldn't have mattered at all.

    I've got a Firestick and the apps on the TV which I will use when baseball has been on ESPN3 or Fox Sports Go but my main reluctance to cutting the cord so to speak is if the internet goes out, which happens from time to time. I at least have Direct TV if that happens and if something happens to that, I've got the apps/Firestick so I'm not like the guy in the TV commercial who ends up in the fetal position when his internet goes out. Maybe dumb priorities on my part but what can I say?
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  14. This is sort of where I’m at with regard to convenience, choices, too lazy to switch, etc. just doesn’t feel like the savings is so great once I’ve unbundled and then purchased 5 separate streaming services to get exactly what I want.
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  15. Me get YouTube tv. Kid at the office said it's the best. It work gud 4 me i guess.

    Hope this helps.
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  16. Well that escalated quickly.

    Let me just say that has been my experience. If it's not yours, then maybe you need to up your internet quality? Maybe I was watching the game with someone that was also watching it on a streaming service? Maybe because I have fiber-optic internet connection?

    Either way, cool yer Brilesboobs, dude.
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  19. I haven't made the move to YTTV yet, and to be honest with you I haven't really missed anything. I'm sure that will change once football season comes back around (I'm an MLB subscriber so don't really need TV to follow Rangers baseball).
  20. Shaky Puddin'?

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