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Star Telegram to stop Saturday delivery service

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. I was a paperboy for the ST in the late 50-60"s and subscribed to the daily delivery until last year. I canceled due to the liberal content of the news and the sports writing of Mac. I now get all of their news online posted by followers. They are a sinking ship and Amon Carter would be ashamed of them.
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  2. They should stop delivering on all days that end in "y"
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    No matter how much you dislike Mac Engel, this is a sad development. I don’t read newspapers anymore but it still makes me sad when an industry that was a staple in my life is made obsolete. Whose to say your livelihood or mine isn’t next on the chopping block? Disruptive technology. We all benefit from it but some lose their careers over it.
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  4. There are many many former newspaper employees doing quite well as they have transitioned their careers into something different. I know for a FACT that my current industry is becoming obsolete and one clause in one piece of legislation is all that's standing between it and hasty death. Heck...if China had its act together on IP, it would have already died as I've seen with my own eyes the industry plans from as far back as 1995. The question is not if or even when...it's what people are doing about it to ensure that their skills can find a new home.

    As much as anything, I think we'll eventually trace the death of the newspaper to the failure of the education system to produce people who read more than 144 characters. And it's been happening for a long long time. I recall a counselor at Ballinger HS telling me and the president of the university that I worked for back in 1992 that her students didn't have time to read books so they had decided to abandon a core reading list.
  5. The newspaper is an industry that has failed to adapt to modern times and change with technology. Newspapers have significant overhead cost in production equipment, warehousing and delivery. As well as office expense. All of which could be eliminated (a decade ago) with electronic delivery and streaming.
  6. It’s a problem of their (news industry) own making.
  7. Bertrand Russell couldn’t have said it better
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    Most of us get our national news from the 24 hour cable news cycle. Unfortunately. What we don’t get from cable is local news. That is the product I would be willing to buy and read over coffee every day if it were well done. But this doesn’t seem to mesh with the big newspaper chain business model. Don’t need a rehash of what I saw on cable 18 hours ago. Maybe some enterprising local folks will take it over and do something relevant and worthwhile with it.
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  9. I always thought the biggest downfall for the newspaper industry was craigslist.com, monster.com, autotrader.com and generally the ease and cost effectiveness of online advertising. Used to be when you wanted to sell something or look for a job, the newspaper was one of the first places to go. Now almost nobody uses them for that stuff and that was a HUGE revenue source for them.

    Not sure how they could have stopped that bus from running them over.
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  10. I cancelled my subscription a couple of years ago after I complained about the lack of box scores in the sports section. An assistant editor responded with "All of that information is readily available on the internet".
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  11. Amon Carter is spinning in his grave over McClatchy converting his newspaper to son-of-the LA Times.
  12. I don't like using the tablet or phone to read news. The problem with the laptop is often the heat it generates. I used to like reading it in bed, at the breakfast table or on the can. Also not having to worry about batteries or power. Didn't matter if I spilled coffee on it. Analog has some benefits.
  13. This reminds me, did anyone else receive a yellow pages in the mail? How on earth do they think that is going to work?
  14. They don’t care how it works. Ads are already paid for.

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