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Some genius explain this to me -- on Hill

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Gunner, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. He doesn't have a Doctson who will make him look good no matter what.

    On the INT, it was certainly thrown a bit late, but the ball was in Turpin's hands... who then let Santos Ramirez rip it from Turp and get the pick. Think Doctson allows that to happen?
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  2. You are part of the same group last year that thought that the backups were better then Hill LMAO
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  3. You must assume that Robinson can read defenses as well as KH. If not, athletic ability and slimming down the offense only goes so far.

    Do you think the coaching staff is purposely starting the less prepared QB?
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    Most know, that I am not a Hill opponent, and have defended him too many times on this board. But I do think it is odd that he can't throw accurately on deep routes, when he has proven he can do it.

    A friend told me today that he may have hurt his shoulder, and he thinks that is the reason he can't throw long. I hope that is not true.

    After GP's comments today, I think the decision has been made that Hill is the man and they don't want, with 21 seniors, to go thru the pain and suffering of playing a freshman. Remember the hell we went thru when Dalton was a freshman? Ha! They probably feel, that they can play conservative offense, run it, use the short routes and QB runs to keep the offense moving. And the defense will pick up the slack. With the RB's we have, it might work. We need to get Hicks back to 100%.
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  5. Good grief, only [ Orgeron ] bird writer would use the term "Snaildarter". It is "Sprint Darter. You might not recognize top prose as it is written. Prose, not poetry,
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  6. You haven't defended him but this your fourth post claiming that you have? Too much bourbon tonight? Did you meet your secret friend at Chipotle?
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  7. He posts on the other board and has been a supporter of Hill throughout from what I can tell
  8. Is this opinion based upon the seven college passes SR has thrown (against Jackson State's backups)?
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  9. I wanna see Robinson. In lots of garbage time. Go Kenny.
  10. I watched that play to Turpin 3 times. It hit the DB in the chest, it was thrown behind Turpin, Turpin did get his hands on it about the same time as the DB.
  11. It might be based on how he played against mostly overmatched competition and high school DBs at Desoto.

    It really is hard to believe that there are people who think a true freshman is a better option than KH simply because he has a big arm and supposedly "throws a better deep ball." (which nobody really knows yet). I doubt even SR himself believes that.
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  12. I think that decision has been made too, if you even want to call it a decision. Thank God Kenny Hill is on this team because if he wasn't, I pretty much think we'd be up [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] creek. And I think SR has a chance to have a very good career here.
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  13. More importantly Cumbie and Patterson don't believe SR would be the better chose for this team.
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  14. What do they know?
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  15. If a genius explained it to you, would you be able to understand?

    Existential question.
  16. We have a better future with SR with him getting to learn this year without the pressure of having to win us games...He'll be a better player for it
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  17. How many passes have you seen Robinson throw?
  18. Then we shouldn't play any seniors.
  19. I guess my larger point is that those throws were happening a lot more than you would think during the last two years of Boykin, but Doctson and sometimes Listenbee (think KL's TD during the Peach Bowl) would make plays when an INT seemed like the most possible outcome.

    Where I'm most encouraged by Kenny is that he's been mostly nails on the first down short and intermediate throws that set up manageable 3rd downs if they arise. It's a big reason TCU was 10/14 on 3rd downs Saturday.
  20. My optimistic stance this week: Last year, there was a ton of pressure on both Kenny and the passing game to score a bunch because neither the defense nor running game was any good. After the game last weekend, maybe Kenny will relax knowing that he has an awesome O-line, RBs, and defense backing him up. I expect a very efficient game from him this weekend now that he knows he can relax out there a bit.

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