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Some genius explain this to me -- on Hill

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Gunner, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. One other thing to remember about the run game is that they are working Niang back into the offensive line rotation. Pryor has been playing very well and if the Frogs can get Niang back into the starting lineup against Ok. State which allows them to slide Pryor back into guard the running game might be at a place it really can put some pressure on opposing defenses and open things up for Kenny and the passing game.
  2. Speaking of OL... who is our starting OL next year? It looks scary...

    OT -- Niang (playing some/starting)
    OG -- Elliott (not playing) or Bolisomi (not playing)
    C -- Harris (not playing)
    OG -- Iwuagwu (starting/playing a lot)
    OT -- Myers? (not playing)
  3. Since he himself preferred to RS I concur!
  4. Some starters for 2018 might not be on campus yet. Remember that a BIG prized prospect is Anthony McKinney. Realize Frogs have struggled with JUCO offensive linemen recently, but I do like his offer list and he could play a key role in stabilizing the line. Not sure if he is a January graduation or not.

    Willie Allen is also at a JUCO now and it seems there is a great deal of contact between he and the program.

    As far as who is playing and who isn't this year patience. Frogs are two games in, the entire second line got a good number of reps against Jackson State and I wouldn't have expected them in the Arkansas game as close as it was until the end. Based on the progress I have seen in Pryor under CT, I am very optimistic what he can do with guys like Harris, Iwuagwu (who also looks improved this year) and Myers.
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  5. Sonny had the perfect gameplan for KH. I'm confident Sonny knows what he is doing.

    We better enjoy Chris Thomsen while we have him, he'll be a head coach again soon.

    Amazing what $40million a year will do for your coaching staff. Sonny, Chris, Sonny Dykes, and the big fish, Jamie. Solid coaches.
  6. I agree, right now it does look a little scary. We just have to hope some of the guys are developing and that McKinney and Allen both sign and are good players. It looked kind of scary after 2015 too when we lost Hunt, Big V, and a couple other starters and here we are looking ok for this year already. You'd like to think a few of the guys that haven't really played at all are going to be ok once their time comes.
  7. I think this is the biggest difference to this point that I have seen with Sonny's offense versus last year. Last year looked like players were being forced into the plays Meachum wanted to run. Last week it looked like Sonny had a definite plan how to attack Arkansas as the game unfolded.

    Chris Thomsen has been a big lift to the offense and I hope that if and when he leaves Patterson now sees the value in hiring a true offensive line coach.
  8. [​IMG]
    Do you have an appointment?
  9. Just another reason to hate that the Ohio State series is now a one and done. Our chance at Ohio State will come when we are breaking in a new QB and new O-line.
  10. Speaking of, baron browning is 3rd string at OSU. I did not see that. I know they have talent, but figured he would be impact player immediately.
  11. Fortunately they will be losing a lot from the defense. If most of the juniors declare, then they will lose a huge portion of their contributors.
  12. They'll have a new QB too.
  13. They might have a new QB in October
  14. Not sure what you were expecting as he is in one of those "or" listings on their depth chart, the starter is a senior and their leading tackler, and I would imagine there is a bit of jump between the offenses he saw playing at Kennedale and the first two weeks of their season so far.
  15. Here is your genius reply.

    Kenny is a young man who also happens to be a student-athlete at TCU. He is not Superman, Shaft, or Roger Staubach. He is just one of our players trying his best to help his team win. Just like Andy Dalton, he has good days and he has days he'd like to forget (were you at the Fiesta Bowl vs. Boise?)

    He has talent, and it is up to the coaching staff to utilize it. Enough with the Kenny Hill bullcrap. He's not perfect and, believe it or not, neither am I. Let's support our team and coaches as fans, and to hell with all this why, what, and wherefore BS.
  16. Preach.
  17. Hate that for him. [​IMG]
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  18. I would have thought they would have found a place for him. Seeing his tape and him play, his athleticism and instincts are there, regardless of Kennedale level. I would have expected him to play another LB position or be in a heavy rotation. I understand MLB is pretty set there, but still thought he could make a strong impact at another position or rotation.
  19. They did find a place for him at MLB behind a senior. Kid is a great prospect, but he was not unique to that program.

    Do you have any idea the level of talent on that roster or where their last five recruiting classes have been ranked?

    You are talking about a program that since 2014 has had over 30 players drafted with 10 taken in the first round.
  20. I have my opinion of Hill and I hope I am wrong I would love to see Robinson play with the first team offense some this season against a good defense. I just don't like turnovers and Hill seems to make them too much to me.

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