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  1. How does he hit several bombs on Arkansas last year and he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn(deep), this year.

    Last year he hit Taj Williams deep twice, and very deep passes, throws right on the money. He had a couple other longer type passes in that game. But he had one after another underthrown pass last Saturday. Reagor and Diarse both had plays where they just beat the corners badly, 5 to 7 yards and he didn't even come close. On the pass to Diarse, he threw 15 feet behind both the receiver and the defender.

    You know he can do it, but what the heck is going on? Been a defender of Hill and I'm not here to beat down. Strange to me.
  2. I'm busy currently doing other genius stuff.

  3. He is and has always been inconsistent and you never know which one will show up. Typically when teams had leads on TCU we had to open up playbook and pass a lot. Defenses play softer zone coverages. Hill then puts up big numbers. When a defense plays tight coverage or gets pressure on him bad things happen.
  4. humble brag
  5. You're confusing the Arkansas and Oklahoma games from last year. But to your point, he also made some poor plays against both teams. He is what he is, he has strengths and weaknesses just like every other player. His strength happens to not be dropping back and hitting receivers way down the field in stride. I doubt that will change much. Some QBs can't run worth a damn, he's a great runner.
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  6. His deep potential is going to be in the seams not the fly routs by outside receivers that Boykin could hit. In addition I think people mistakenly think this is a vertical offense..It most certainly isn't that...Now off to my Mensa meeting with T Herman
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  7. one thing seems consistent and could explain inconsistencies. he floats alot of his balls so completions more due to recievers efforts than pinpoint passing.
  8. There was precisely nothing humble about it.
  9. The long ball he threw to Reagor was perfect. Clanked off the one hand he bothered to put up.
  10. I'll take 23-31 (if the 2 passes weren't dropped) and day of the week. 74% completion. Everyone needs to move on....
  11. He did actually hit Jalen Reagor deep downfield, right in the hands hand.
  12. Your caps lock is broken again
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  13. He's 2-0
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  14. JeffFrog93 makes the most sense, I think.

    The pass to Reagor wasn't deep. The whole thing according to the announcer was 32 yards and he threw it much before that.
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  15. How could a poster who was so bright in coming up with the nickname Snaildarter not being able to answer this question?
  16. And there is the most important stat.
  17. I feel like posters on this board are searching for a reason to hate kenny hill. It does not make sense to me. He is going to be our starting quarterback the entire season unless have an absolutely terrible season. Anybody hoping to see Robinson as the starting quarterback this season is either hoping for Kenny Hill to get hurt or for TCU to be terrible.
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  19. Not true I think Robinson is better than Kenny Hill now, faster, better arm, more accurate, can throw a deep ball better, etc. Hill knows the offense better has been around longer has more experience. However that experience is up and down inconsistent and most games bad turnovers at costly times. I don't think Robinson will make more mistakes than Hill does, but he has way more upside than Hill. If Robinson gets first team reps and they simplify the playbook for Robinson I think it gives the Frogs a better chance to win big games on the road. Perhaps it shouldn't be all or nothing, but like when Dalton played throw a pick come sit out a few series.
  20. I was watching pretty closely, and I noticed that on some throws he went back to his old habit of throwing off his back foot. His accuracy goes to heck when he does that. Hopefully, Sonny will coach him up a bit more on that. Old habits are hard to break, but he'll get it fixed, hopefully. Like Bruce Berry said, we are 2-0, bad habits and that is the most important stat so far.
    Robinson is a stud, but we've only seen a bit of him. His first pass was way off target, and his second was a bullit across the middle that the receiver turned into a TD. His keeper was an amazing 100MPH run, but that is all we've seen. I hope he has no bad habits. I'm just glad that KH and SR are on our side.

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