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SMU's football schedule officially out and...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Despite the odds Frog, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. This is a thread? Didn't we already know that we were on SMU's schedule? Or was there some doubt that maybe we wouldn't be on their schedule, they would only be on ours?
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  2. Musta been in the can after my 9th beer when that happened.....
  3. I thought this was a Muck thread with that title.
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  4. Get rid of SMU and add another SWAC team. Need the victory.
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  5. If he says they knew our plays again this year, he should probably just retire.
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  6. Hopefully we develop a 3rd option out of the Wildfrog formation so Coach Dykes can't coach em up how to defend it...
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    It is good to be able to see where TCU is in other teams schedules. Do they have a bye before TCU? Do they play Memphis before or after? Goes with any and all teams TCU plays. If UT plays Kansas before TCU than I know they will have two weeks to prepare essentially for TCU. Or if UT plays OU before TCU than I know advantage is more on TCU's side because that is an emotional game for them and a player usually gets hurt or they have to play a full game (instead of when they play an easier team they might have their backups in most of the game). It makes a difference when I look at TCU and how the schedule works for TCU or not. 2020 is no joke of a schedule because not only the teams TCU plays but when and who their competition plays before and after TCU (which we did not know till yesterday).
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  8. Keys to beating SMU
    Don't come out lethargic.
    Don't fall for a trick play the first series.
    Change your signals.
    Kick a field goal on 4th and 4 if in the 3rd quarter.
    Don't be predictable.
    Put pressure on the QB.
  9. Don't turn the ball over......on your own 1 yard line.
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  10. Unrelenting envy has clouded SMU's ability to deal with TCU's ascension into the Big 12 as a P5 Program.

    "Let them eat cake"
  11. Seems to have sharpened the aspirations on the part of SMU, despite the Frogs' 7-1 advantage in the Big 12 era....SMU plays harder every year...and combined with last year's mediocre TCU team, gave SMU a win it shouldn't have had....
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