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SMU's football schedule officially out and...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Despite the odds Frog, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. TCU is their Super Bowl once again. They play no P5 team but TCU.

    SMU schedule 2020 football schedule is out:
    Sept. 5 at Texas State
    Sept. 12 Stephen F. Austin
    Sept. 19 at North Texas
    Sept. 26 TCU
    Oct. 1 Memphis (Thurs)
    Oct. 17 at Tulane
    Oct. 24 Cincinnati
    Oct. 31 Navy
    Nov. 5 at Temple (Thurs)
    Nov. 14 at Tulsa
    Nov. 21 Houston
    Nov. 28 at ECU
  2. Well, I don't care if it's their Super Bowl. We should beat them, every single year.
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    GP bringing his own six pack to Dallas:

  4. Let's see if we fall for a fleaflicker on first down again this time!
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  5. Everyone ought to think about what he's grateful for, now and then.

    I'm grateful that SMU's schedule isn't TCU's. But for a lot of things including generous supporters it could be.

    For that matter, I'm grateful TCU isn't SMU. Scheiss SMUg.
  6. Better start working on new signals and ask the ref to check for buzzers pregame...
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  7. I'm so ready for this former rivalry to be over and done with. Let's get some new blood on the schedule.

    (I know they beat us last year, and generally beat us once every 10 years or so, but I'm so sick of this game. Our programs, our facilities, even the stakes of the game are now light years apart)
  8. Well, we haven't fallen for a fake punt lately, so maybe this is the new thorn in the side....
  9. Does the 2019 Texas game count as lately?
  10. I don't think that can being opened is a beverage....
  11. Frogs by a million. Prepare yourselves smoo
  12. No doubt sir.
  13. I just hope it's not on Friday night and isn't raining.
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  14. Sure that’s not Baylor’s opening three?
  15. No, too tough.
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  16. If we schedule a P5 team like Ohio State or Purdue or Cal, then that sounds great to me. However, replacing a long-time rival with Rice or UTSA or UNT would be just as bad.
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  17. I totally agree. We need a D1 program. But I'd prefer an Air Force or a Tulane or Wyoming or South Florida or any number of group of 5 or whatever they call them now.

    I agree it's easier said than done. Just kinda done with smu after all these years. But you are right. Many teams would be just as bad. But at least it would be new.
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  18. Jerry Mother scheissing Kill! Amirite?!? #JMFK
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  19. Don't discount it.

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