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SMU hate week... what are they saying on Ponyfans?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Don’t you know that for SMU fans it’s about talking about the game, not attending the game. Going to games is so passé for them.
  2. Some gems from Ponyfans:

    "So I feel confident they haven't seen a team with our overall skill position talent, not by a long shot."


    "I believe we've faced tougher competition than they have and have more game experience."


    They beat Arkansas state 37-30. Arkansas state is 1-2 with a win at UNLV and a 55-0 loss to UGA.

    They beat UNT 49-27. UNT is 1-2 with a win against Abilene Christian.

    They beat Texas State 47-17. Texas State is 0-3.
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  3. That response was comical. Almost as good as saying since their CB shut down Bussey from UNT he should be able to do the same to Reagor. If we just run Duggan w the 1s all week and Cumbie can work a little magic to help him settle down we should roll the Ponies.
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  4. Delusion and irrationality seems to reign supreme among SMU fans. They feel that the Frogs have not yet encountered

    a team of their superior status and that they will emerge triumphant.
  5. Are they a football school or basketball school this year?
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  6. The 'Iron Skillet' permanently resides at the Carter....."Come and Take It"
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  7. Similar to Purdue, they've put up impressive offensive numbers so far but our defense is going to be way, way better than anything they've seen so far. I hope the results are similar.
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  8. A great many will probably get lost and end up in Waco. Is Baylor playing at home on Saturday?
  9. Hope they don't bring their daughters or wives...
  10. No
  11. Isn’t that kinda website illegal? Creeper....
  12. It's an old band insult:

    "The SMU band became known as the Mustang Band in the 1950s. When Dr. Irving Dreibrodt became director in 1958, the band became independent from the SMU School of Music. Dr. Dreibrodt's 25-year tenure as director led to the creation of many of the band's traditions and songs that continue today.
    • Hired to produce a band that people would watch at halftime, he jettisoned all non-brass wind instruments except 22 saxophones.
    • He quickly introduced the concept of changing uniforms several times during a football game, and beginning in the fall of 1959 a writer for The Campus newspaper coined the name “The Best-Dressed Band in the Land.”
    • In 1961 the band for the first time fielded 96 members along with its featured twirler, leading to another popular nickname of “96 Guys and a Doll.'"
  13. 'SMU' has become so irrelevant in the sports world that they found it necessary to create a new uniform with 'Dallas'

    emblazoned across the front so that the public might hopefully recognize and know that they still do exist. Sad!
  14. They did it to make sure everyone knows Dallas is not a part of Fort Worth....
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  15. This I'd actually agree with. We've played one real team, and even they didn't have a QB that could get it to their skill positions (by that I mean "their one good offensive player). This is an entity different threat than Purdue presented, the secondary is going to be tested more in the vertical game here than either of our two previous games.

    That said....they havent seen a team with our overall skill position talent either, and they CERTAINLY haven't seen a pass rush like ours to date.

  16. They probably found out he killed five hookers while at SMU.
  17. Strangely, all of our sacks are coming from Blacklock and our LBs. I agree our pass rush will present problems that have yet to see, but I think the coverages will be a bigger factor for them than the pass rush. They haven't seen a defense what feels like it has 13 guys on the field yet. I think Brohm said he thought there were 15 out there.

    Purdue did present some challenges for us. The TE is a weapon that has always been a nightmare for us. Aside from two big plays (one rather fluky on a broken play) we did a nice job bottling him up. And obviously Moore is a bigger weapon than anybody SMU has and he just couldn't find a space to get the ball all night.

    I think our defense will confound the SMU offense. Aside from a couple of big plays on youthful mistakes and some trick plays I don't see them being much more prolific than Purdue. I'm thinking less than 300 total yards of offense unless trick plays gouge us for 150+. I agree our secondary will be stretched more than Purdue tried to do, but I think there's a reason Purdue didn't try it much and I think SMU will have a hell of a time overcoming that too.
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  18. Did not read the thread but chiming in to say I don’t hate SMU. Mostly because I don’t give even one tiny scheiss about them. Beyond irrelevant to me .
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  19. I really want to water my plants when I look at your avatar... not sure why.

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