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SMU hate week... what are they saying on Ponyfans?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. SMU is 3-0 and has looked good so far(against weaker competition), I would imagine SMU fans are more optimistic for this game than they have been since perhaps 2011. Do they think they have a chance?
  2. What’s the line? TCU -17?
  3. Why would anyone go over to Ponyfans???
  4. I would just assume they are talking about trust funds and who has the best cocaine dealer
  5. Ponyfans probably talking about how they own us in basketball.... oh wait
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  6. My inside source had it at -8.5 before today

    Remaining games(this was all as of Wednesday)

    -20.5 vs. Kansas

    +2.5 at Iowa State

    +6 at Kansas State

    +3.5 vs. Texas

    +10 at Oklahoma State

    +4.5 vs. Baylor

    +7 at Texas Tech

    +21.5 at Oklahoma

    -8 vs. West Virginia

    Our Purdue win will no doubtedly flip some of these around though. I'll try to get an update during the week
  7. Your inside source has his head up his ass....I don't agree with any of those....and if he wants to give me SMU and 8.5 I'm robbing a bank tomorrow so I can get some of that action....
  8. To find a coke dealer?

    Edit: Dammit, Hometown beat me to it.
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  9. scheiss smew
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  10. To see how their baseball team is doing in fall practice...
  11. Are they playing in Arlington on October 1st also?
  12. Yep...against UNT....
  13. FIFY
  14. Vegas thinks we’ll go 4-8? And lose to Baylor at home?
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  15. Somewhat dated now....but here's what they're saying:

  16. I'm sure they are confident. They have a senior team, WRs that can catch, and a QB that can pin drop the ball in the hands of the receivers (great accuracy and arm strength). SMU's DL is for real so if TCU is going to win they better learn how to pass and catch. SMU because it's a senior team has the size of a power conference team. And Sonny Dykes and company know TCU well. SMU runs the same offense as TCU, it's identical. Sonny Dykes probably taught it to Cumbie. So if I were them I would think this is the year to beat TCU, cause if they dont they have to wait another 4 years to get a more experienced team than this one.
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  17. If it’s still the ex Texas QB, I’ll disagree on the great arm strength.
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  18. I predict that SMU will bring more than 200 fans this time.
  19. Someone thinks SMU is better than they really are.
  20. We'll, if we don't play up to the best of our ability, they'll have a great day. I seem to remember a TCU team that took them lightly in ACS and managed to get beat.
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