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SMU game cancelled

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. But the premise is that modern offenses can run roughshod through an undersized academy defense. Army picked off Murray and stopped them from scoring from 3-1 and 4-1 in that half. Army’s D hung with one of the best offenses of the year that game.

    But can you imagine what TCU’s D would look like if Patterson only had to defend 5-6 drives a game. With Sewo at FB and Jet, Barlow and Foster at HB last year?
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  2. CDC Changed to 10 days now according to recent rule.
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  3. ou ran 40 plays in that game and gained 355 yards, they never had an offensive series that lasted longer than 4:30

    their first 3 drives of the game went 6 plays and 68 yards for a td, 6 plays for 65 yards for a td, and 4 plays for 66 yards and a td. those three drives lasted barely 6 minutes and their only other series in the 1st half started inside their 20 with less than a minute to go in the half.

    ou did run roughshod through the army defense in the first half. the problem was ou defensively couldn't get army off the field in a more timely fashion.

    2nd half starts with an 8 yard gain and then murray throws and interception. their long drive took 9 plays to go 78 yards and last just over 4 minutes and that was followed up by a drive in which ou missed what would have been the winning 33 yard field goal.

    their is no doubt the army style of offense benefits their defense and they benefit from teams preparing for an offense they don't see on a regular basis.

    teams that see them on a regular basis don't have the same struggles and byu benefited from playing navy in their opener
  4. That's what I read also close to or about a month ago.
  5. ????
    How’d ya get to that conclusion?

    I didn’t realize so many players were close to death. Better cancel the season in that case ;)
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  6. I think these conference rules were written before the change to 10 days. In all honesty the CDC is about as fickle as teenager trying to decide how long to cut their hair. Many physicians have lost a lot of respect for the way they have handled themselves during this crisis.
  7. Leadership styles trickle down...
  8. wait, we need actual evidence to back up wild ass assumptions?

    damn, there goes my future career as a public health expert
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  9. Have not heard anything out of the WHO in awhile.
  10. Well Roger and Pete are in their 70's so we shouldn't expect much.
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  11. I give it about another week before Justin Fields opts out to go get ready for the pros. At which point, other Ohio State players do the same. Clock is ticking, Big 10.
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  12. Listening to some dude on radio screaming that teams will only get 7 games in. Well, that would be 7 more than the Pac and Big 10. And that will indeed boost those conference that play over those who do not.
  13. Not much from the WHO these days on the virus. They are dealing with things they can actually handle like eliminating trans fats from food and hyping childhood immunizations.
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  14. Was looking forward to tomorrow night's game in beautiful weather. Sadly, I'll be mowing my yard instead. Gee I hate this virus.
  15. Lets not forget Army taking Michigan to OT in the big house last year. And the cadets should have won in regulation.
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  16. I have decided that since I do not like Friday night games that I will mow my lawn on Saturday.
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  17. But they won't get fooled again.
  18. Yep. I think this would have been one smu game the Frogs would have been ready for. Too bad.

    How are the high schools playing? I guess they can only afford to test players with actual symptoms. Instead of everyone all the time until they get a positive on a healthy player and then quarantine everyone he passed in the hall.
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  19. That is so Chris Del Conte.
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  20. I bet he’s got a bunch of fancy silk masks that match his ties
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