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SMU game cancelled

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. first, college and pro football have changed dramatically, roger wasn't highly recruited coming out of high school, and he was good with the discipline and academic requirements of the naval academy

    you will not find any 300+ lb offensive linemen and skill players who can compete at an elite level who are wiling to give up a shot at an nfl career to fulfill their military obligation

    you will not find marginal students or individuals who struggle with discipline around for very long

    what that leaves you with is a very select group who are very intelligent, very focused, very detail oriented, teachable, and will buy into what you are asking them to accomplish

    the triple option game is perfect for the academies in that it doesn't require huge offensive linemen, there is an abundance of undersized, smart and tough high school backs/ quarterbacks who aren't looking to get to the nfl and appreciate the value of a military academy education and service

    the bigger issue to me for the academies is not on the offensive side of the ball, but defensively is where they seem to struggle a great deal as the college game is evolved. consider how we see tcu has gotten exposed a time or three since joining the big 12 when they didn't have players in the secondary and linebacker who could defend the spread offenses
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  2. Again, two teams held Kyler Murray's OU team scoreless for an entire Quarter. Army and Alabama.

    Army was the only team to hold OU scoreless for an entire Half.
  3. This guy fit into an A-10 back in the pre-snowflake 'Merica days: [​IMG]
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  4. If coach ever finds an athletic 300lb lineman who can play school and doesn't want that scholarship to Stanford, then the colonel in the admissions office will make an exception.
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  5. I don't doubt that. Then you have the post-graduation 5-yr service commitment which is another hurdle that probably could be cleared if a kid was really NFL material. But if they aren't, not so sure.

    It's a heck of a lot for a school like that to overcome if they want to try and beat people at their own game.
  6. The state of Maryland refused to give Navy permission to have fans in attendance.
  7. And they probably had only two offensive possessions in that half. That’s the Army/Navy defense. Keep the ball for 10 minutes at a time with almost a running clock and screw with these rhythm offenses.
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  8. I don't get it. If a player(s) who test positive come in contact with other players who repeatedly test negative, why would they be unable to play for 14 days?? I am interpreting that wrong? I know people who have been exposed to covid who did NOT get covid. Why should they be penalized if they test negative? I assume testing is done very regularly. I don't even know why 14 days is required. Why not the standard be when someone has 2 or more negative tests (like in MLB)? What am I missing?
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  9. Just play the dang games already. I am tired of waiting :)
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  10. Because the media has convinced 1/2 our country that COVID is the plague. You can deduce your own reasons why the media's narrative has been all panic, all the time since March.
  11. LisaLT- they are applying a CDC rule that says that regardless of the testing (false negatives do occur) a person exposed to the virus and asymptomatic after 14 days is considered to not be likely to pass the virus on to others.
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  12. I believe there was a saying about old warbirds: "You don't get into a fighter, you put it on like a pair of pants." How did he fit in a Warthog? Barely.
  13. You're not missing anything. The entire situation is absurd. Add to this absurdity the fact that the PCR tests they are administering are lousy with false positives, and you get full on Stupidity Theatre.
  14. What exactly constitutes exposure? Being in the proximity of a covid positive individual for a certain length of time?
  15. Exposure is a complex issue but it is something like this: Close contact with an infected individual for greater than 15 minutes. There are way too many nuances here for me to even try to tell you what is meant by close contact but one thing is for sure masks mean little but proximity (six feet away) and whether you are indoors or outdoors mean something.

    Also I agree that PCR tests are worthless with possibility that up to 90% false positives. The reason for this has to do with a term called cycles which is essentially running the test over and over until even a small strand of viral genetic material gets multiplied so many times that it becomes positive even though the individual being test actually has no active infection.

    The new Yale quick saliva tests do far fewer cycles and so it has a smaller number of false positives.
  16. Are you consulting with our Athletics department? Because it sounds like you should be
  17. Thanks but they don't need me to screw them up any more than the process has done to them already.
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  18. The policies were obviously written by bureaucrats without any idea of the actual mechanics of the situation, but a true weather eye on the appearance of things.
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  19. namely because ou never had the ball and when they did kyler threw an interceptionj

    army had a 10 minute drive in the third quarter and remember this was against an ou defense that didn't always line up properly
  20. people are going to die just because you want football more than keeping people alive
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