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SMU Building Platforms in Stadium

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. I'd vote for Home Run Porch as new name.
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  2. The "Let's Ignore the Game and Drown in Our Sorrows" or the "Thank You,Sir, May I Have Another?" section seem fitting to me.
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  3. Bring back Ownby!
  4. Here is the platform under construction. Might want to avoid sitting nearby.

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  5. That looks rickety as hell.
  6. "Daddys Money"
  7. This can’t be serious.
  8. Might as well take out all the seats. They are not used except when TCU shows up.
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  9. Looks like that crappy area in the end zone at Kansas' stadium.
  10. perfect name for strip club near the smu campus.
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  11. 'Tacky Shack'
  12. I'd love to rent it and then play the TCU fight song, the TCU alma mater, and Riff Ram all game long. Of course, by half-time, it would only be TCU fans hearing it anyway.
  13. Hey, at least SMU went all-out with plywood. They could have gone the cheap route and used particle board.
  14. Was actually a trendy night club on Greenville Ave in the 70's.

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