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SMU Building Platforms in Stadium

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Not a good look. Plus they will not be able to sell the seats above it. bad look.jpg
  2. They couldn't sell the seats above it before, so its probably a good thing.
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  3. Until they put swimming pools for the coeds, there will be no interest.
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  4. Do you mean for the coeds or dirty old men like me? I'm assuming the latter.
  5. Get a tarp
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  6. is this their version of club suites? a beer garden like rice has done their first base line?

    if i can buy beer already in the stadium why would i want to sit down in the endzone and i would guess pay more money?
  7. That’s the new cocaine deck.
  8. Stupid.

    Not surprised.
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  9. That looks awful. And will look even worse when empty during a game.
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  10. It's SMU, so...
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  11. Genius! I love it! Keep doing things like this SMU and your future will be bright.
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  12. Will they serve more weak sauce on those decks?
  13. Taking on the look of a minor league ballpark. Maybe bringing baseball back.
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  14. Funny you mention that. This was in their digital marketing program used for selling space/seating packages to pony fans.
  15. When are the chandeliers installed?
  16. Is that Gronk, the Patriots TE?
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  17. As opposed to Gronk the androgynous professor of interpretive dance at Cal Tech?
  18. Will CJ's hookers be included?
  19. If we can find 5 new ones.
  20. buried in the foundation
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