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SI article: Bowl Watchability Rankings: Which Games Can You Absolutely Not Miss?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Despite the odds Frog, Dec 3, 2018.

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  2. I bet it ends up with a higher TV rating than Baylor/Vandy.
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  3. Hard to argue with this writer, it really is a pretty ugly matchup. I didn't realize Cal was so offensively challenged, used to be they were all O, no D.
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  4. I will adjust whatever other plans or contingencies that may arise in order to watch TCU v. Cal.

    As far as the other 39 bowl games are concerned, my shiv-a-gitter hasn't moved one bit above zero.
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  5. realistically, there is no such thing for me as a must watch bowl game this year and i think it would take tcu in the cfp for me to have a game that i MUST set things aside to watch the game.

    i will try to watch the frogs and most likely will watch it as a neighbor has a son who plays for cal, but i find myself each year watching fewer and fewer bowl games.
  6. Any ideas on who the QB will be? I think at this point, I'd be most comfortable with Muehlstein. Throw him and Reagor out there and see what kinda zaniness occurs.
  7. don't think there is actually any other options at this time.
  8. It's number one in my book. Cheez-Its and Frogs are my favorites.
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  9. If Cal can't score either I much more strongly like our chances to win.
  10. I know SR is completely done but wasn't sure if Collins might be back.
  11. I'm with you. In my limited career as a player (I lacked the size, the speed and the talent so I became a team manager and trainer) I thrived on defense. One comment in the OP admitted a contributing factor to a "must see" game is lots of scoring, which to me disrespects roughly 50% of what the sport is about in the first place. Sports fans and sports media have prostituted themselves to "big scoring games," forgetting that it's possible to have a genius defenses resulting in a fascinating chess-type matchup.
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    So basically, this article is saying defense is no fun when teams from the Pac 12 or Big 12 play it.
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  13. Wow. I remember many, many years back (2011) when LSU and Bama played The Game of the Century that ended after overtime at 9-6.
  14. Let's hear it for the 1959 Cotton Bowl!
  15. A number of years ago, ABC read the pig entrails of the Nielsen ratings, and decreed that women would watch football if more points were scored. Further, the "casual viewer" liked to see more points scored. So, the NFL debased the game and made it impossible to play defense, and College is feeling the pressure. This SI twit is just telling us what the Sports Media wants, and not what the general viewer could give a hoot about...

    The stats tell us that both teams play pretty good defense, and have not been terribly consistent on offense. To me, that says "two evenly matched teams" and a higher probability of what once used to be known as a "good game."
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  16. What if you don’t really want to watch chess either?
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  17. In that event I'd recommend killing a 12-pack of Natty Light in one sitting.
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  18. Not living till one got drunk off black label beer
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