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SI article: Bowl Watchability Rankings: Which Games Can You Absolutely Not Miss?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Despite the odds Frog, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. It'll be Muehl.
  2. I think you may be on to something here...
  3. Oh, OK, so I guess you won't watch the playoffs?
  4. agree. good post
  5. Probably very little, if any. Like I said, they just don't hold significant interest for me. Personally I'd much rather attend or watch a good cutting horse competition.
  6. Steely Dan is going to be upset
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  7. All y’all complaining about this, let’s not act like these two offenses aren’t total dog-ship.

    We scored 14 against Texas Tech, 10 against WVU, 16 against Baylor, 14 against KSU.

    If this is a low-scoring game, it’s not like it will be two competent offenses being shut down, it will expectedly be two terrible offenses being overmatched. Good defense is fun to watch, I agree with y’all, but it’s better to watch against an offense with a pulse.

    Yes, the Alabama vs LSU title game was 9-6 in 2011, but let’s not act like both of those teams wouldn’t demolish the ship out of this TCU team. Let’s also not act like everyone on here didn’t complain about that being a crappy boring game (I actually enjoyed it because I like watching good defense).... but EVERYONE on here was complaining because it was two bad offenses and boring
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  8. highly overrated band
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  9. By whom?
  10. it is a running joke with a friend who is a musician, but i do think they are very much a specific taste group which makes them an easy butt of this type of joke similar to phish
  11. Not really a band, just two very perverted weird dudes who are musically talented and can write some decent songs.
  12. Absolutely not miss...I guess that is TCU, but that is every year, every game. Still, I love watching college football. And I for one, enjoy the lesser bowls, too. The TCU-Cal matchup is one I would probably not watch, due to the offense numbers. That is why I don't watch the SEC all that much...yawn. Some great games this year.
  13. Jeff Ballard
  14. I guess watching Reagor doesn't interest the writer. I'm guessing he's not watched TCU at all this season.
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  15. No static at all....
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  16. What??? Preposterous
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  17. Mule won the last two games. He DESERVES to play the bowl game IMO.
  18. Who cares if ESPN thinks we are watchable. After the season it's been just happy to be in a bowl.
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    I will always watch TCU - no matter how bad they are or the match up.

    My love of my alma mater supersedes all else.

    Go Frogs!

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