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Shawn Robinson update.....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 8, 2018.

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    Interesting thread over at 247 for anyone with a subscription.
  2. Really? What a tease!
  3. Its $10/month for the best info on TCU sports we have ever been able to get. Everyone who isn't a member should do themselves a favor and get a suscription... we all can afford $10 a month.
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  4. Get a subscription. I’m not posting info people pay for. It’s worth it BTW.
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  5. Then why post this topic at all? Two completely different website. I'm sure those that pay have already seen the update anyways.
  6. I'll wait until Thursday night or a Muck Face article.
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  7. To alert anyone that hasn’t seen it that it’s over there. What difference does it make?

    Also, I bet you can infer what the update says if you read into the word I used to describe the update (as opposed to using a more negative word).
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  8. Its the same thing Gil does, right? Doesn't he post every TCU article they write so he can drive traffic?
  9. so you are saying shawn might be alive, but won't confirm anything
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  10. He posts content, just like TopFrog, and you can choose to continue reading or not. I'd classify this more in the click bait realm of posts, but thanks for the heads up Moose.
  11. BTW for anyone who hasn't followed the Frogs for the last 20 years you need to understand one simple fact about Gary Patterson: Coach doesn't discuss injuries, doesn't alert the media to availability, and any player that hasn't suffered a season ending injury or hasn't had news leaked about serious injuries is simply considered day-to-day.
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  12. Yeah I guess so but it's Gils website. Whatever. Just seems weird to run over and make posts.
  13. Maybe 247 could get a pop-up add on here like the 1,000 other ones.
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  14. which is why a site like 247 is really nice cause folks over there are at practices, talk to guys on the team, etc. to provide a little more color.
  15. Racist, IMO.
  16. do you think they write about anything that doesn't have patterson's approval or his awareness of what is written on their sites?
  17. I’m really just posting as much as possible in an attempt to troll for likes so I can catch up to Riggs in the standings.
  18. I would certainly think that info often gets held back because of that reason.
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  19. Sure, jeremey doesnt want to burn bridges, but there are others who post regarding practice and talking to players who dont have GP's approval.

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