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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. There used to be an idiot out there that called the games and his name was Chris something I think.

    Found it and neither one are him so he may have moved on.
  2. tired or not, that's bad tackling.
  3. KJ Costello threw for 626 yards in the MSU upset of LSU. Yeah, I think Leach in the SEC just might work.
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  4. Not that this is over but sometimes after a bad loss I feel a little better when I can say things like "I'm glad I'm not a Tech fan right now". Or whoever loses this game for that matter.
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  5. I mean if that is not the epitome of a Tech loss, I don’t know what is...
  6. Nope
  7. Well, Tech should not have had Texas this close. Texas not looking like a top 10.
  8. You were saying.
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  9. Nevermind. Maybe not over.
  10. This last or 2nd to last play just is the icing on the cake. I am never surprised anymore at how Tech manages to lose games ha.
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  11. I'm about 99% certain this will be called an incomplete pass and Tech will score on the next play.
  12. 1 more try. lol
  13. Did Tech cover?
  14. We have avoided the Super Venereal - Covid Hybrid by 7 points...
  15. Even better. Poor Tech.

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