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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Always good to get a team in game one when they're basically breaking in an entirely new team.
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  2. His qb already had like 300 yards passing in the first half against LSU....
  3. Ark 7
    Ga 5

  4. Wow, special teams in this UT-Tech game is ALL OVER the place!
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  5. that’s how you manufacture runs right there
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  6. Or not
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  7. Former TCU commit with the TD on that blocked punt.
  8. Naturally, sigh.
  9. UT/Tech game is crazy. UT has had a couple key players get dinged up in this one FWIW.
  10. If that Tech runner was in, Max play against Baylor shouldn’t have even been reviewed
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  11. Tech turns a pick and what appears to be a very generous replay review (let's just say Max scores against Baylor in OT last year with this crew) into a TD and now leads this game 42-38.
  12. UT-loving announcers can't believe the officials didn't say the Tech guy stepped out of bounds. Funny. Tech leads 42-38.
  13. We’re not very good but apparently no one else is either.
  14. "It's utter chaos down here!"
  15. Big 12 going to be wild
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  16. Well, for 8 of the 10 teams....
  17. Gawd! Watching, or at least trying to watch a game on FOX is a beating!
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  18. Not at all impressed with UT.
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  19. Their O line can’t stop the 3 man rush either! Their D can’t tackle as well.
  20. Weirdo Herman has to be on the hot seat this season after this loss, surely...

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