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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. saw that somewhere else today
  2. Tech is going crazy!
  3. If they lose to Tech, and then lose to us at home, I'm scared for Herman. I like having him there; we win.
  4. this might not be a surprise to anyone, but i didn't see many masks and many gaps in the tech student section
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  5. How many diseases are going to get spread in Lubbock tonight?

    Between Covid and VD... the CDC is going to have nuke Lubbock from orbit, just to be sure. They better hurry before the two combine in some terrible apocalyptic zombie itching coughing virus...
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  6. Tech gonna beat UT. B12 in crazy.
  7. Tech needs to hope Bowman stays healthy this year, but that’s like me hoping to marry Gal Gadot...
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  8. they won in austin two years ago?
  9. Looking at this LSU/MSU game, I’m thinking every conference may be.
  10. Tech special teams might have given it away.
  11. Not quite yet
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  12. Not so fast.
    Tx scores down 8. Recovers onsides kick with 2 minutes left
  13. Nothing would be more Tech than them losing in overtime after a UT comeback.
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  14. Nice to see UT is exempt from holding calls again this year.
  15. Big 12 defenses suck
  16. They've got to get this 2.
  17. Defense alive and well once again in the Big 12
  18. Some people pack up the gear with only one out in the 9th
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