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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Travis Trucks, Dec 3, 2020.

  1. Ask anyone who played football at TCU about how many kickers and punters tried to walk onto the team in August and the answer will be "dozens". I'd say at least 50 every year, with more in the year before we played in the Rose Bowl where the number might have been closer to 75.

    I find it very hard to believe that Vanderbilt could not find one single solitary male kicker to kick for them. I find it hard to believe Sarah Fuller was their best option. I remember watching the 50+ hopeful walk on kickers every year and most of them were pretty good even if they didn't end up making the team.

    Nothing more than a publicity stunt and shame on Vanderbilt for using Sarah Fuller for PR. It's disgusting. And if the stories are true that she gave a halftime speech that's even more sad. Makes me want to vomit. If someone who just joined the team a couple days ago, who didn't go through offseason workouts or summer workouts or two a days or practices leading up to that point wanted to stand up and berate me for not "cheering loud enough" on the sideline I'd ignore them too and want to revolt against the coaches for allowing it to happen.
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  2. She played in one play, a squib kick where she ran to the sideline, and "earned" SEC Special Teams Player of the Week.

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  3. Don't be such a hater I watched her kick live and felt totally inspired. . . To go drop a deuce, which it totally worked. I remember thinking, "Wow, You GO!" and I did,
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  4. Call me new fashioned but I enjoyed it. The SEC award is stupid tho.
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  5. How embarrassing. This stuff just goes way, way, way too far sometimes.
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  6. The special teams award is obviously ridiculous but I don’t see otherwise why people are so triggered by this. It’s Vanderbilt.
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  7. Because it's just another sign of how dumb everything has become and because people are tired of having this social consciousness crap shoved in our faces all the time.

    The Larry Bird reaction sums it up.
  8. God forbid! Social consciousness! The horror!
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  9. Like I said, the Larry Bird gif sums up perfectly Sarah Fuller being named the SEC Special Teams Player of the Week. Actual merit hardly means a damn thing anymore, gotta be socially conscious.
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  10. Also because it seems pretty obvious they are joining the, "everybody gets a trophy," club which I guess if you are Slippery Rock would be ok, but kinda tough to justify doing in what is pretty clearly the very highest level of CFB(meaning the SEC).

    If you are an opposing return team going forward and see her out there you are putting your deepest guy at the 30 and will be probably starting your offense in Vandy's side of the field. I know it's Vandy and they are awful but how does any position coach on that team tell his guys with a straight face they are going out on that field to win and give everything they've got after watching that?
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  11. I couldn’t care less who vandy fields as a kicker or how they got the job. they could trot out a goat for all I care. same goes for SEC player of the week. they could name her the college football player of the century and I wouldn’t think twice about it.

    people get worked up over the strangest things.
  12. Three hours into this and the only one juvenile enough to inquire about her dressing arrangement is me, a 100 year old.
  13. Now do Lou Holtz.
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    curious, what was exactly to enjoy?

    she kicked the ball 20 yards and for that was given a large amount of attention before and after.

    if the purpose was to show gender barriers being broken down then why the squib kick and have her scurrying for the sidelines?

    i asked this last week and will ask it again. exactly what did she do that their punter couldn't have done for them on the field?
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  15. That's kind of the whole point. I couldn't care less who Vandy trots out there either, it's pretty irrelevant. But it became a big national story somehow. Why?

    People get worked up over the strangest things.
  16. Ha! Same thought I had when I watched her kick it Saturday. I'm an old too.
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  17. Frankly if one of the women on TCU's soccer team could have helped us win a few ball games over the last few years, I'd have been all for it. But the award is what I thing is lame. She won a conference award for a sing squib kick over several more deserving players. Florida had a guy return a go-ahead punt with less than a minute to go in the 1st half. UGA had a returner with 117 return yards on 4 touches.
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  18. i consume news based on what I’m interested in. I saw an article headline last week that vandy was starting a female kicker - didn’t care, didn’t click the article. the only other time i saw it was when ESPN cut in to show her kick - probably a 10 second clip. overall I’ve probably spent 15 seconds hearing about this - just isn’t a big thing.

    if the media covers something I don’t care about then I don’t read it or watch it. It’s easy.
  19. you obviously didn't watch gonzaga v wvu or baylor v illinois last night because in two basketball games featuring 3 teams ranked in the top 10 and 1 team in the top 20 the espn broadcast crew found ways to mention her multiple times last night
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  20. I can't imagine wanting people to know I cared enough to start a new thread about it.

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