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Rory to play at Colonial!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, May 14, 2020.

  1. Rory McIlroy is going to play the first three PGA Tour tournaments, which means, if everything holds, Colonial next month. Been several years since he was here. Too bad we can't see him in person:(.

    If Colonial gets played this year it means that Colonial Country Club will have the title of current most consecutive years at one course.:D
  2. It already holds that title
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  3. would like to see that.
  4. That did not include the Masters though. No Masters this year, sooo...

    I have no idea who is in second. And yes, I know Who is on first.
  5. I thought Masters was rescheduled for Nov?
  6. Would love to see him paired with Patrick Reed.

  7. According to Drew Davison and this morning's Startlegram, "McIlroy hasn't played the event (Colonial), which has coincided with signature Eiurp[ean events." Is Davison right? Has McIlroy never been here?
  8. Not 100% sure, but don't remember him having ever played here.
  9. No this has been the same week as the BMW in Europe which is one of their bigger events.
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  10. Rory has really grown on me. I watched a great media session during one of the most recent tournaments (The Players?) and he was great. Honest and funny.
  11. You could be right. I though it was just gone for this year. Dogwoods and azaleas will not be blooming in Nov., I would think.

    Back to the old years on the PGA Tour, I guess.
  12. The Masters is not a PGA tour event.

    It is a private tournament by invitation only.
  13. Yes I know, and that is why they do not include the Masters. Really, though the Masters is placed in the same place as part of the tour...except for this year when it is in November. Could be one of the cooler Masters on record.
    Weather at Colonial: June 11-14 is only 2-3 degrees hotter than late May. Hot, but not July-August hot...except when it is..
  14. The Irish are a cantankerous people from way back.
  15. Yes we are. Although I agree with fff.
  16. Phil is now in! Now I have someone to root against.
  17. ???
    The only one I would definitely root against is Tiger. But I will be shocked if he shows up.
  18. Colonial is going to have a great field. Going to look strange with no people around the course.

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