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Rory to play at Colonial!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, May 14, 2020.

  1. That skins game on yesterday looked strange. Four stars with no gallery, carrying their own bags (regular carry/stand bags, not the monsters their caddies have to lug around). Wearing shorts. Just looked like a bunch of guys at a Muny.

    The difference at Colonial (which I welcome) is the absence of all those huge stands. Before those went up, you could find a spot between the #15 and 17 fairways where you could catch all the action for 15-18, if you had binoculars. The course will look like it does when I have played it (only 5 times :().
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  2. Congrats on playing it 5 times. I’ll just take one time
  3. Actually all you have to do to play is marshal. There used to be a waiting list, but the last few years they were begging for marshals. Obviously, no marshals this year. I played three times in the fall after I was a marshal.
    Hint: Do not take #9, since it is the hardest marshaling assignment. If I marshal again it will be for 1-4.
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  4. Day, Fowler, D.J.,Koepka, Rahm, Reed, Rose, Webb Simpson, Spieth, Bubba, Woodland -- WOW! -- all joining Philly Mick, Rory, JJ, and Tom Hoge.

    I'll figure out a way. Here's the field so far: https://www.charlesschwabchallenge.com/players/tournament-field

    I don't remember some of those bombers like DJ, Koepka, Rahm or Bubba playing Colonial. That should be interesting. Especially Bubba trying to curve his ball around there.
  5. Could see Bubba being in contention. Could also see him missing the cut by 10 shots
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    think it would be interesting watching bubba, phil in his prine, and maybe daly play a round of match play where they could just go after it each hole.

    in a format that would reward taking gambles and creating shots.
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  7. As always, Colonial rewards the smart player, not necessarily the long-bomber. Accuracy with middle irons is the key.

    I could see DeChambeau doing well. He has the overall game to work well with the course. Phil ought to do well, as long as he doesn't over-think it...
  8. I hope Bryson gets last. Phil is all about hitting bombs now. Tiger would actually fit really well now with how he doesn’t hit driver much of the tees unless he has to. His driving iron would be used a ton if he decided to play.
  9. Marshall #2 - once you get on the horseshoe, every hole has out of bounds, the river or people crossing
  10. I’m also open for an invite from someone as well.... I’ll be waiting
  11. #9 duty is #1 tee, #9 fairway and green, path from #9 green to #10 tee, which crosses the major inward pathway/pathway to #1 tee and upper putting green, #10 tee, primary incoming-outing pathway for the whole tourney, which players on the main putting green cross then cross back part of #10 tee while going to #1 tee or from locker room to main putting green. It is a jungle around there, folks. Only marshall #9 if you are easily bored.

    I like #3 because it is in a corner with little traffic from other holes: Not nearly as many people.
  12. At least you played it. I only survived it.
    And it was awesome!
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  13. You had to ride herd at #9?
    Can't even imagine. I always behave myself on that walk through there.

    How does one get to Marshal at Colonial?
    I would love to volunteer there. Love that tourney.
  14. yep. just depends if he can see that place in his head or not.

    Dang, what a year to not have spectators. Hope they all come back next year.
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  15. Wonder if they’d allow people to sit outside the property fences near that par 3
  16. Anybody else thought about hiking the river or climbing a tree lately? Not for any reason, just askin'
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  17. I would have thought now that the entrance is via the gate in the middle of 4, that 3 is a zoo with people moving during shots and talking, etc
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  18. The main gate the last few years has been between 2 tee and 3 fairway. Not too bad. People kind of mindlessly trying to cross 2 fairway to to the center of the course can be a little hassle.
  19. The main gate has been in the park across from Colonial for the last 4 years and requires patrons to cross the 4th about 50 yds in front of the tee

    it was moved there the year Dean and Deluca (2016) sponsored the tournament as a way to reduce fans coming through by the clubhouse and also allowed FWPD to move the roadblock farther out toward the cabins

    the gate behind the #2 tee is really the volunteer entrance although it’s also where the Uber/ride share entrance is so it gets a decent number of normal fans

    that is why I don’t think marshaling the Shoe would be any fun now
  20. My mistake. As a volunteer/Marshall that is the one I came through. I am obviously too busy at 9/10/1 to visit, and too tired after my shift to get out on the course (I's 72).

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