Rodney Anderson having Protective Order Filed Against Him

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  1. I guess we'll see if this is another Sooner RB that beats women. Baylor = rape. OU = domestic violence.

  2. That can’t be right. They run a first class program up there full of classy kids. Just ask them and Bakefield.
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  3. The investigation will take, oh, about 5 weeks?
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  4. Or ask reasonableone, that poster from another thread...

    Oh wait...
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  6. Suspended three plays for Rose Bowl. Cracking the whip
  7. Whoever she is she just got a whole lot more enemies. Her name is being posted on twitter by fans.
  8. Classy.
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  9. Wow. So she'll be victim blamed now all over the internet. Woman can't even protect herself.
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    Unreal. That's horrible. But sadly I expect nothing less of fans who put Mayfield on a pedestal of respectfulness.
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  11. I want to know if his team mates will carry his uniform out to midfield for the coin toss!
  12. He’ll probably be wearing it so that would be kinda awkward.
  13. They carried mayfield's out there before the WV game.
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  14. Is he looking at a redshirt season next year for punishment? Or is this a ‘take two plays off’ situation?
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  15. I totally missed that. Man, I’m dumb sometimes. Or maybe that stunt was so dumb it threw me off.
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  16. Interesting. I told a buddy during the CCG I expected OU to enter Baylor territory within three years. Maybe I should have said three days
  17. Same thing with Mixon's victim.

    He just got smacked into concussion protocol on MNF, btw. Poor guy...
  18. I'll go with the stunt was so dumb it threw you off. I still can't believe they did it.

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