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Rhule to Carolina

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by youthfulfrog, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. The hilarity of the whole thing is he never said he was staying in Waco. He simply said “that’s the plan”. Anyone with a functioning brain can see what a non answer that was. If you’re staying at Baylor you say “I’M STAYING AT BAYLOR”. Morons .
  2. I don’t have any warm and fuzzy feelings for Rhule like many others simply because of Charlie Brewer’s head. That was inexcusable.
  3. He did a good job at Baylor. They were in bad shape (because Briles is pond scum and they covered it up at an institutional level) when he got there. It could have turned into Kansas, but he rebuilt them quickly and made them good.

    It's also true that he put a so obviously concussed player into a game that the ref made the player leave. So I don't think he's an angel (most coaches aren't). Anyway, I hope they make a terrible hire.
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  4. Gonna be real tough to be more dangerous than going from worst P5 team in the country to an overtime loss away from the CFP in 2 years. Had Rhule come out and said “I’m done interviewing for other jobs, I’m staying at Baylor” and then followed through on it you can take it to the bank that Baylor was just gonna keep winning a bunch of games.
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  5. Baylor fans everywhere will celebrate every Panthers victory as their own.
  6. Point taken, I guess I’m guilty of comparing him to the POS that was there before him.
  7. As we learned from CDC, all the "I'm here as long as you'll have me"(s) in the world mean ZERO when a job comes along that you want. Money may not make the world go-around, but we ain't talking charity work here either.
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  8. And hang a banner in their facilities taking credit for a super bowl if Carolina wins one.
  9. Right next to the other bowls they’ve never been to
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  10. Apparently, the idea of any type of prolonged exposure to the baneful depravity that embodies Baylor was more than

    Rhule was eager to endure.
  11. That post epitomizes Baylor, and is the exact reason I hate that school and its fan base. What a bunch of pigs.

    [Baylor asshoe]
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  12. Only one person called him out. And it wasn’t a Baylor fan.
  13. Are you really gonna make me go read baylorfans?
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  14. Not worth it. I’m there for the lulz.

  15. not sure if this is real, but a break up via text is a big yikes
  16. someone help bolth out...his heart hurts
  17. The process. lol Where have we heard that before? Jason Garrett on line 1.
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  18. I saw Rhule and family Sunday at brunch in Los Cabos. My BIL said, “Hey I read this morning you are headed to the NFL...” Rhule replied, “Yeah, I saw the same thing.” I figured the deal was done.
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  19. It’s capitalized. Have some respect.
  20. Did he bring his own bib?

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