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Rhule to Carolina

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by youthfulfrog, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Just shows how much this was all about getting back into the NFL for him. The Panthers probably are giving him a lot of control, too, so he'll probably be drafting his own QB in the next year or two.
  2. Any recruits they have that we can flip?
  3. I think GP does arrest record checks...
  4. Nobody wanted them before. Why would anyone want them now?
  5. Ruhle must have gone to the Fran school of job change. I just read Sunday that he was happy as he could be in Waco and had no interest in the NFL!
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  6. Any recruits they had left that didn't sign may have been flipped before now already. That's why they didn't sign in the early signing period. As doc point out already, though, nobody wanted them anyway. Most of their already-signed class had only one P5 offer from baylor. The 1-2 highly regarded recruits did not sign and are rumored to be going elsewhere in spite of what the Baylor mods tell their subscribers.
  7. dearth of talent?

    his recruiting classes prior to this year were rated 5, 5, 4, and 4 in the big 12 and when you compare the average rating of the players in the bears 2017-19 classes there are very comparable to the frogs. in fact, the one class that tcu did have a big difference in the average rating is the 2016 class which 7 of the frogs top 11 either didn't get on campus, transferred out, didn't play, or been plagued with injures.

    i realize this most recent class for baylor was a big let down, but this program is light years from where it was when he took over and there is young talent on campus.

    things like staff, his successor, the second signing date, transfers in or out, all that will play out.
  8. I wonder how the bib goes over in the NFL?
  9. I'm a little surprised. I was wrong I didn't think he would leave Baylor.

    Kinda upset. In my opinion I don't think Rhule is as good as people make him to be. I think his DC is good, Snow. He is leaving when his stock is high, very understandable.

    I think a Sonny Dykes at Baylor is much more dangerous than Rhule. Dykes has a better offense, better assistant coaches, better at recruiting, and has a passion for southwest football. Dykes will stay until fired or retired at Baylor if given the opportunity because he loves this football in this area. Hope Dykes stays at SMU.
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  11. Who can say, college football will change dramatically in a few years. Coach's will play... who can find a seat when it all settles. But it won't be just TCU it will be many schools. If you recall, Alabama went through a few coach's for a while. TCU absolutely has got to maintain a high level of wins so we are not shuffled into a new category of conference. We have a great school... wonderful reputation and athletic facilities second to no one. That puts us a half step ahead. The fantastic alumni, fans and corporations realized that a few years back and put us in good position. Now we HAVE to innovate our brand, attract new fans and be a destination for great athletes.
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  12. Now I see why the NFL is interested in Rhule. He’s so good, he had 5 recruiting classes in 3 seasons at Baylor.
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  14. my mistake, 4 classes, and i still stand by the program at baylor is in better shape than when he took it over with the 2017-2019 classes he signed for the bears.
  15. I think Kyle Allen has the potential to be a dam good NFL QB. He played very well at times last year and with a full off season as a starter and getting the 1st team reps thru training camp I bet he excels next season.

    They've got a very good TE, some good young WRs and of coarse CM in the backfield. I think they have a chance in a very soft NFC South.
  16. He's been trying to leave Waco ever since he accepted the job without visiting the school. Everything fell perfectly in place this year have the record he did. Give him credit, he was finally able to get away.
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