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Rewatching the game has made one thing clear

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by PurpleBlood87, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. Oops. Correct
  2. They enforced the OPI and declined the illegal man downfield....it was the same play with 2 penalties on UT
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  3. Technically 2:30.
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  4. Cooper Castleberry was the head refs’ name. A Lufkin boy who can still go 350 off the tee. Very, very distinguished in the business and a great human being. Retiring after this year so you won’t have him to kick around anymore. BTW he don’t care what you think.
  5. Correct. My mistake
  6. I got worried when they called two questionable penalties on us on a late ut drive, thought they had received the call from “corporate”!
    Overall I thought it was one of the better called games.
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  7. They called both
  8. Need to change it to more like NFL. Scoring plays automatically reviewed. Others have to be initiated by coaches.
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  9. Yes. I made a mistake there
  10. I disagree. I know it sucks to have to sit through the review, but I'd much rather them review it and get it right than not.
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    I have very little confidence in our coaching staff at being good at that.

    Gary Patterson is a football genius who knows more about the game than all of us combined, but I promise you I would be better than he would be at knowing when to throw a challenge flag.
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  12. Another thing I didn’t notice at first is that Colt Ellison played and made a couple tackles.
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  13. The 15 yard facemask against us - 4th quarter, I think - didn't look correct from the stands. When I watched the replay on the big screen, it showed the actual facemask wasn't grabbed. It was a bit of a brutal tackle, but the facemask wasn't grasped, let alone used to turn the helmet.
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  14. A hand doesn't make you down. If it did every time a player used his hand to regain balance by touching the ground he'd be down. Reagor's wrist hit the ground and by rules the wrist is considered part of tbe hand.
  15. We also have a better vantage point from the stands or TV than he does on the sidelines. Coaches have to have complete trust in the person up top whether to challenge or not. I feel like Kelsey would be the only person on the planet he’d be willing to go off a recommendation with blind faith like that.
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  16. It was 110% a facemask.
  17. We got away with a few calls too. Goes both ways.
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  18. It’s not a criminal trial. It’s a football game. It’s entertainment, nothing more.

    I care less about them “getting it right” than them making the game boring.

    IMO, the reviews are boring and a drag on the game
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  19. Underrated play of the game nominee.... 3rd and 14 pass to Barber on the last drive. 3rd and 11 to Stephens (I think) on the same drive was just as big. Two plays Max might not have made a month ago.
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  20. Do I remember that he has a connection to Tech? Son, perhaps?

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