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Report From Purdue

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. Marinefrog and I stayed in West Lafayette so we got to tour the campus early yesterday, have lunch at XXX Root Beer (pretty darn good - sat with a player’s parents), and mingle with the Purdue fans.

    Purdue fans were overall a solid B in welcoming the Frog fans. Vast majority were inviting and gracious.

    And then I sat down for the game.

    In walks two younger Purdue Grads from Chicago. Alumni and not students. Thing One and Thing Two. Pretty drunk at kickoff.

    The Purdue fans boo the Frogs forcefully when they take the field. T1 and T2 really boo’d with authority, but okay, their field.

    Then the game starts. Interception. T1 is shoving me and sticking his hand in my face. Yelling in my ear. Way out of line. My Godson, who lives in Indy, moves over and sits between me and his pregnant wife. Wants to pound T1. I tell him no that we’ll just tell security if T1 insists on being a jerk.

    Game progresses.

    Frogs take the lead.

    T1 and T2 quit yelling insults and want to talk about TCU’s players.

    Conversation becomes more sportsman like in tone.

    T1 and T2 miss halftime and come back with more beer. Now really drunk.

    TCU starts to pound. Take a solid lead in the Third Quarter. Bigger lead at the end of the third quarter.

    T1 and T2 leave for more beer. They say they will be back. Never see them again.

    TCU wins!

    Frogs from all over the stadium crowd in to sing the alma mater. Purdue plays rock music so loud the frog fans and team can’t hear to sing.

    But wait, the music is good.

    Team and fans begin dancing to the Purdue music blaring now over the stadium sound system.

    All Frogs celebrate together!

    Great Day!

    Marinefrog and I are headed home with a win!
  2. You lost me where the guy started shoving you and you just sat there and took it.
  3. Probably right.

    Should have gotten into a fist fight so I could tour the correctional facilities available to football fans or better yet the ER at the local hospital.
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  4. Ohhh. Tough guy.
  5. Right, you did the right thing. Their place, drunks, just put up with them and get out of there alive.
  6. At the very least couldn’t you have reported him?
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  7. I had the same experience at Purdue.

    Very friendly fans around campus and very welcoming to Frog fans.

    Then I got to my seats, and the loudest, foul mouthed jerk sat directly behind us. No insults thrown directly at us. By every other word was F... TCU. TCU is a bunch of P.......
    And on and on.

    Luckily by the middle of the 2nd quarter reality began to set in, and he began to quite down. The entire 2nd half he just sat there and grumbled to himself and his friends how much Purdue sucked.

    Overall a great day for a visiting frog to watch the school pride of a jerk fan completely disintegrate over the course of a game.
  8. They dont have the frog tattle app at Purdue.
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  9. Not trying to be rude but do you go to a lot of road games? It is like this virtually every where. If you “did something about it” you would likely miss the second half of every game road game you went to.
  10. IDK, but if someone puts his hands on me, there would be some sort of response, action, etc.
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  11. I sat surrounded by frog fans in the Frog section no issues and rounds of high fives after every score

    Try it and stop for always wanting better seats
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  12. Been to UT, Tech, Baylor, SMU, and multiple bowl games. I’ve never come even remotely close to having an opposing fan get in my face or shove me. Maybe it’s just because they can tell I’m a badass.
  13. Lol they were not trying to drown out the TCU alma mater. The “rock music” was Katy Perry’s Firework because Purdue put on a post game firework show
  14. Just nice to know we can go into a visting stadium with 60,000 of their fans and take them to the "woodshed".
  15. Agree
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  16. Just buy the morons a beer and make friends. It’s really that simple.
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  17. I just can't believe they booed
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  18. You can tell from the shades...
  19. My report, FWIW:

    We drove down from Chicago and went the back way to W Lafayette through Indiana farm country. We saw lots of corn and soy bean fields and small towns that were proud of their high school football and fall festivals. Many churches.

    We stopped in at a place near campus called Nine Irish Brothers which had fresh food and cold local beer. We watched some of the ND v UNM game then on to campus. I had a pass from stub hub for $40 and parked about 100 yards from the TCU alumni tailgate.

    There were 300 or so Frog faithful at the tailgate. The food was pretty good: Pulled pork, taco salad and the like. The beer was cold and water and soft drinks were free with admission. We ran into a bunch of folks we knew, had a nice visit then on to the stadium.

    There were easily 55K fans there fully ready to cheer for Purdue. There was nothing easy about coming into that atmosphere. Credit TCU for taking and keeping the crowd out of the game.

    The stadium had all the typical old state school stadium problems: long lines for concessions, narrow concourse, no TVs to watch while in line, too few bathrooms & etc.

    Every PU fan I met and all who sat near us were friendly and interested in how well we traveled to the game. I have the impression most were pretty vague about Fort Worth and TCU. Several fans...six, seven? ...mentioned that TCU just really outplayed the Boilermakers and kind of tossed in the loss of Sindelar. I’m not trying to negate some of y’all’s experiences but we have been to games all over the B12 as well as recently at Minn, SMU, Arky and Purdue and I’ve never had much of an issue with opposing fans.

    Post game walk to the car and the drive back to Chicago were uneventful. I will say we walked by a men’s dorm called Owens which is not only unairconditioned but the rooms actually looked smaller and more spartan than some prison cells I have seen.

    A good time.
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  20. I was at the TCU vs Arkansas game in Fayetteville and I was more than embarrassed at a bunch of TCU fraternities guys acting awful to the Arkansas families around them.

    I wish something could have been done, because what was coming out of their mouth and the how arrogant they were taunting was embarrassing. None of the TCU students looked like they had ever caught a touchdown pass in their life and just looked like a bunch of rich brats.

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