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Redirects: Only on Killerfrogs

Discussion in 'Killer Frogs Support Forum' started by Land Frog, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. I wish everyone would screenshot redirects and post here so management would get a clue as to how bad the problem is.
  2. Default mode.
  3. WB new avatar.
  4. Elsa Pataky. Sinfully hot...
  5. Sorry. I just don’t get default mode. I know it’s probably simple but I’m lazy. I simply want to go tin kF.c and not be redirected to some [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ].

    All the midget porn sites in the world that I go to, and I don’t get the redirects that I do here. (Wait, maybe that’s why my phone has the redirect AIDS?)
  6. 7F8A1FC9-C280-4A17-930C-A34EEAAA2D07.jpeg Right on cue!
  7. @TxFrog1999 @Ryann Zeller
    Redirect again. I pay for this site so i should be able to enjoy it as it is meant to be viewed, not in default mode.
  8. Samsung phone, no problems.
    Samsung tablet, no problems.
    KTE tablet, no problems.
    All devices running Opera web browser.
    No problems.
  9. Default mode did fix the problem. But it's completely maddening that you need to do that
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  10. I will go to default mode when I no longer pay for this crap.
  11. I made a change to your account, let me know if you see any difference.
  12. Cleared cookies and signed back in. Hope this works.
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  13. Hahaha, keep dreaming
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  14. Default mode, busters
  15. You pay for the site, but settle for default mode?
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    What's your big issue with default mode?
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    Fundamentally my issue is lack of website security. Second, I pay for this site. I prefer for it to be experienced the way it should be, like this:
    Instead of not addressing the fundamental issues and viewing it like this:

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