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Purdue Next Season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by watchfrog, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. If anyone thought we were getting off easy next season by swapping the Boilermakers for the Buckeyes, they aren't watching that game tonight.
  2. Purdue > TCU
  3. Purdue running away with this. A touchdown followed by a pick 6...
  4. Good for Purdue and to hell with OsU. Love it.

    Our wheels are off right now - worst I’ve felt since the 70’s. Looking for our coaches to figure it out - starting immediately!
  5. That game is next YEAR. Not next WEEK.
  6. Purdue keeps winning, and we might be playing a Purdue team that's breaking in a new head coach.
  7. I wonder if now there will be lobbying to change this to a one and done at Jerry World.
  8. So angry if that happens.
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  9. The only job I could see him leaving for is Louisville and Petrinos buyout might be too high

    But this Purdue team loses a lot after this year. They won't be as good.

    This is Ohio States annual loss in a game they shouldn't lose just like Iowa last year
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  10. You don't really think there is a slight chance that will happen do you? I'm hoping I missed sarcasm in your post
  11. We will know if Donati is better than CDC if he doesn't sell out, We all know if CDC was here, he would do it for the bucks.
  12. Maybe we can play it safe and just money whip Brohm and can GP. Problem solved.
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  13. I highly doubt ESPN will come to both schools about wanting us to play PURDUE at Jerryworld. Good lord
  14. We don’t get a home game against them until 2029 so might as well.
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  15. Of course that's not happening. The game next year is their home half of the series. They're not going to sell that one off, they'll wait 10 years for the return game to push for a Jerry World game.
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  16. Before you believe the hype from the broadcast, remember that purdue's big turnaround from 0-3 to 4-3 went like this:

    Home loss to Northwestern
    Home loss to Eastern Michigan
    Home loss to Missouri
    Home win over BC
    Win at Nebraska
    Win at Illinois
    Win over tOSU

    BC is a good win, everything else before last night was meh.
  17. JD has already turned down another shot at Jerryworld

    I feel confident he is in alignment with most of the fan base that we need to play at the Carter or our opponents stadium unless it’s the B12 championship game or a bowl game
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  18. They manhandled tOSU last night.
  19. Much better than wins over Southern and SMU.
  20. Haskins attempted 73 passes according to the stat sheet. Wow.

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