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Purdue Next Season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by watchfrog, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. so from what i can understand we might get beat at purdue because tcu once went to san jose state and we lost the national title and some players foot
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  2. We lost a game because San Jose State played inspired like Purdue did against OSU due to their player coming back and playing without a foot a prosthetic limb! Purdue is really good won four straight in fact I would say great right now. Playing them next year will be tough. Hopefully their coach leaves for a better job. I like you 8 why u hating on me!?
  3. I hope Gary is watching the Kansas City Chiefs offense tonight. Fun to watch and effective. Copy and paste.
  4. If my memory serves me, that guy didn’t play in the game. He was in the stands, though. His brother was a starter for them and rallied the team.
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  5. I thought he played on special teams? That field had more dirt and sand than grass. LT ran for over 200 yards in the loss I was so pissed. If we play a team with a retard, cancer kid, one armed player, etc. I won’t watch we will lose every time!

  6. You guys might be right but that’s the ONLY job I see him leaving for. I believe if he really thinks about it he will find it easier to win in the B1G than the ACC. Plus Purdue is a great school, much better than UL.
  7. My recollection was that it was only a few months after his injury. His brother kept pointing to him in the stands, and they showed him on TV with his family.

    I could be mistaken.
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  8. Could be not sure at all? Many beers and Jack Daniels ago.....
  9. GP does not get involved with offense unless someone dies
  10. all we need is a functional offensive line and a quarterback who can run and throw it accurately 80 yards and boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    raining td's in ft worth like brandon carter at a euless strip club
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  11. We lost an ass kicking contest to a man with one foot?
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  12. Yes exactly! If we play a no armed player on a team in a punching contest bet against us!
  13. So we've apparently lost three national championships in fifteen years: one by one second (added on in the Big 12 championship 2009), one by 52 points (victory margin over ISU in 2014), and now another by one foot (lost by a SJSU player).

    Man, we've been close.
  14. Brohm wouldn't be the choice, but I wouldn't bet my house on the tOSU job being off the market at the end of this year.
  15. Considering we donlt play them again until 2029, the lobbying can wait (=

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