Prairie View A&M Coach Helped Accused Flee

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  1. A Prairie View A&M University coach — asked to help a female athlete who said she'd been sexually assaulted on campus — instead bought the accused male athlete a plane ticket to leave the state before he could be arrested, according to a federal lawsuit. The suit, filed by a student identified only as "Mary Doe," accuses Prairie View A&M of creating a hostile educational environment and violating the federal Title IX law that prohibits gender discrimination in schools and universities.
  2. Wowwwwwww! That's super not good behavior.
  3. Character
    lack there of
  4. Well there is that A&M at the end that just seems to affect the reasoning brain functions...
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  5. Unbelievable
  6. Where did he go?
  7. Perfect response
  8. The thought in Waco is, "why didn't WE think of that?"
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  9. But he never played a down for the school....
  10. Sure they did.
    Isn’t there a defendants witness now currently ensconced in Australia or some island where he can’t be charged with perjury? I’ll defer to WhiteHispanicFrog or Maniac who currently has the Violated book.
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  12. You got it exactly right.
  13. Feasibly a case of aiding and abetting.
  14. A little strange in that according to the article this was her coach
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  15. Yup.

    Strange all around...

    Go Frogs!

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