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Pooka Williams..... Uh oh

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Me after catching up on this thread:
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    I’ll regain interest in this when you tell me what Pooka did and what the circumstances were. Oddly enough Kansas has neither kicked him out of school or off the team so apparently they agree with my approach of determining what he did before deciding what his punishment should be.
  3. Starting defense....place at the table. Woooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Given we're dealing with Les Miles and it's his best (read "only good") player his current status with the team may not be very insightful. Les may just be waiting until after finals to hold a team vote.
  5. On a related note, KU has two kids committed so far for the 2019 class. And they had a boatload of juniors and seniors on this past year's team. I know they'll probably add some kids quickly but Les is starting from rock bottom, almost death-penalty-like rock bottom.
  6. Pooka offered diversion per a report. Will allow him to keep this off his record.
  7. Heard he transferred to basketball since that's fine.
  8. I heard he kidnapped Princess Peach...if true, no second chances.
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  9. If this is what he actually did he shouldn’t be anywhere near that campus.
  10. Are you serious
  11. Or any other campus but could easily see him making his way to Norman
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  12. Oops!
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  13. So Kansas is the new Baylor...
  14. Eight is Bob?
  15. Les is not going to turn that program around by holding players accountable. He knows that...loose rules and loose pockets are the only pathway to success at KU..
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  16. No … believe it was battery, not rape. More Sooner like.
  17. Actually, Pooka is very fortunate that his coach is well experienced in these South Louisiana behaviors … well experienced.
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  18. Cool, Sewo can play!
  19. I prefer to see all the facts in these situations before determining extent of the penalty.

    It’s well known fact based on extensive research (verify it yourself. I’m not your physician, unlikely at least) that women are more likely to physically abuse men than men abuse women. Men struggle with how to defend themselves, and when they either defend themselves or prompt it, they hit harder. More damage equals more legal charges + more media attention.

    I’m not defending him, but there is a big difference in repeatedly punching a girlfriend in the face for refusing to do x vs elbowing her in an attempt to escape being struck repeatedly after caught cheating.

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