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Pooka Williams..... Uh oh

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 7, 2018.

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  2. What could possibly go wrong here?
  3. Ratio is probably somewhat close to the ratio of players. Just spitballing
  4. That kind of rational questioning would get you fired from a newspaper or electronic media outlet. People get in trouble for reporting FBI statistics. Expect a protest in your front yard...
  5. Had a lady mention that maybe some football players in general have a hard time turning off the violent part of the game when they get off the field? I don’t know - lot of undiagnosed bi-polar out there. Whatever it is - there’s just no excuse!
  6. Mix in some alcohol and yeah, you could have some issues.
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  7. Some performance enhancing drugs can alter behavior and raise levels of aggression. Great for on the field, not so great when dealing with emotionally charged situations off the field.
  8. Given the grotesque amount of painkillers, "mood altering" drugs, and other medications given NFL players (I have no idea of College standards or limits), it's a wonder there aren't more incidents like this...
  9. So Baylor?
  10. A year suspension at OU, then an NFL contract after that, for Mr. Mixon.
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  11. FIFY
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  12. FIFY
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  13. So if a guy beats up one of your daughters, you’re OK with him not only staying on campus, but taking up a scholarship and getting to play football?

    The lack of humanity displayed toward women is so lacking that, more often than not, you have to personalize it for men. Sad but hopefully it will ultimately be effective.
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  14. You read the part where I wrote “depending on how bad it was” right???? Tell me what he did and I’ll answer your question. In the meantime spare me the lecture on my “lack of humanity” for women.
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  15. You said you were all for second chances, which sort of negates 'depending on how bad it was'...especially because you spend a whole paragraph explaining how you would keep him on the team as an alternate solution.

    But let's try this again. Your daughter files a domestic battery complaint against a guy. Your first assumption is 'innocent until proven guilty'?
  16. Why would he need a second chance if it’s assumed he’s innocent?
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  17. I don’t understand why this is so hard for you...... tell me what Pooka did and I’ll tell you what his punishment should be. I’m gonna assume that if my daughter filed that charge I’d probably know what the guy did. I have no clue what Pooka did. Did he punch the girl in the face like Mixon? Did he punch her repeatedly? Did he knock her down and kick her? Kick him off the team and out of school if it’s something like that. But until I know that’s what it is I’m not gonna assume that. The paragraph about second chances is simply in the event that it’s something far less sinister than what I mention above.
  18. So if a guy grabs a woman and leaves bruises, is that enough? What if he slaps her but doesn’t do any ‘serious’ physical harm? Does he need to draw blood in order to get kicked out of school?

    Your OP is an enormous contradiction. You’re zero tolerance but you’re all for second chances? And you want to discuss this case specifically but then offer hypotheticals based on ‘what if it’s not as bad as initially reported?’

    Seems like you’re not willing to just come out and say that you think the “never lay hands on a woman” standard is too high for you personally.

    If you want to split hairs between a slap and a punch, or how much violence towards women is enough to get you expelled versus discipline being ‘handled internally’, go right ahead. Not a great look though.

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