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Patterson will not evaluate until after season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. Don' t sleep on Kansas....
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  2. Really? If only you knew how far off base that statement actually is. You're clearly not paying attention to what I'm actually saying.

    This is why I usually just totally sit out these fire the coach discussions. Anything short of fire everyone immediately is looked at as purple glasses wearing.
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  3. So we can scratch In Season Staff Evaluation off the list of his lame excuses as to why he can't lead a winning team.
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  4. The entire GP evaluation process is very strange. The man knows some football and since he has to prepare for at least 12 offensives per year, knows what challenges defenses and what doesn't. So, it doesn't seem that it would be that difficult for him to get some game film of G5 teams and find a really well-coached OL, receivers that run good routes, a QB who is well prepared, and an OC that runs a creative, effective scheme while calling a good game and just go hire those individual coaches or bring the offensive staff from one of those teams.

    There is no way that he can honestly look at what we roll out on offense and sincerely believe that we do any of those things or that he would have any concern about preparing for our offense outside the QB running around. He said last year that our offense was too easy to prepare for and this year, after DC's got a couple of weeks of game film, it looks worse. A flat tire isn't going to inflate itself because you keep driving on it but that seems to be the process at play.
  5. Be careful what you wish for.....
  6. I wish for world peace and the end of poverty and hunger.

    And free pumpkin pancakes for life.
  7. sometimes these coaches evaluating their staff after a poor season is like an internal investigation of a police department after a shooting.
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    Last November-

    When asked when Patterson would start evaluating this season for changes next season, he didn’t hesitate in giving a response.

    “Already did (start evaluating for next season). Started in August,” Patterson said. “Can’t be good at what you do and decide Dec. 1 to go evaluate.”

    Patterson has stated several times that he typically uses a two-year evaluation for his team, himself and his coaches.

    He makes this [ #2020 ] up as he goes. Completely contradicts himself.
  9. The dude makes everything up as he goes. And he can't remember what he said 10 minutes ago. No different than a few weeks back when he said Noah Daniels was out for the year right after the OU game and then a few days later said that he couldn't tell anyone if Daniels was playing that weekend because he didn't want Baylor to know. 99% of what comes out of his mouth is complete useless gibberish.
  10. I don't care enough about Kansas to figure out who's right and who's wrong but he said OL coach, not OC.
  11. I just assume that's tyler durdin.
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  12. "Miss America "
  13. I miss America too.
  14. You are right but all these folks can do is blame sonny. What about the other side of the ball? Glasgow?
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  15. Gary evaluates himself, really??? If he actually did that, then maybe he needs to "shuffle" himself to coach anotber position as he continually does with the rest of the staff when they underperform at their position. Maybe he can coach the Special Teams.
  16. The bottom line to all of this, I don't pay any attention to what he says, as it's much do do about nothing. The final score of the game is the tale of the tape, not because we've go to grow'em up and do the things we need to do.
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  17. The conclusions drawn from Patterson's much anticipated postseason staff evaluations

    could prove to be of far greater interest than this bizarre season has been. It should also

    provide some concept of where the program will be headed in the future.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. If Gary isn’t qualified to speak to what went wrong with the offense in the post game press conference, how is he qualified to evaluate at the end of the year?

    Answer: as we’ve seen for the past 4 years, he isn’t.
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  20. The thing that was so remarkable about 2014 was it seemed like Gary brought in the very offense he hates to defend most - which seemed visionary. The hurry up, the million receivers running slanting routes, the mobile QB. And then ever since the Baylor game, he almost seemed afraid of what he created offensively. Like it was all just too much. And he’s tried to throttle down from that.
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