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Patterson will not evaluate until after season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. But Patterson wasn’t ready to offer any sort of evaluation on the offense after seven games and going into a bye week.

    “You know me, I evaluate at the end of the season,” Patterson said. “That’s when we’ve always evaluated. If you’re not careful, you spend all of your time evaluating and you don’t win ballgames. We’ve got two ballgames left. Right now we’re trying to beat Kansas and that’s what we worked on today and recruiting.

    Us faithful followers knew this. I was blown away last year when Cumbie remained. Surely not after this year.

    Only one thing constant with this offensive team 2016-2020: Cumbie at OC/ quarterbacks....especially quarterbacks. Lots of coaching changes at OL, RB, WR, co-coordinator with Cumbie, etc. Looks like the same offensive team year after year. It really stands out...the elephant in the room. Hopefully this year is the final qualifying experiment. Cumbie must be really, really smooth in person. Seen it too many times at numerous companies I worked for. Don't know if he does it by smooth talking or shifting the blame...maybe both. He impressed a lot of the media, even in bad years talk about brilliant OC coordinator at TCU. At least give it a try. Lots of great QB coaches at smaller schools.
  2. no problem with gary waiting until the end of the season if he truly he is going to sit down, take a hard look at what has been happening on the offensive side of the ball for the past several years, and take appropriate action(s)

    otherwise, just give me one of those patented gmfp answers that really don't make any sense unless i am heavily medicated
  3. Being a competent leader requires both radically changing and tweaking... and those two actions are not just alike. I worked several years for an organization that frequently changed structures and workflows, but rarely tweaked them when the inevitable corrections needed to be made. That caused a lot of confusion and, eventually, caused the employee "followers" to lose confidence in "leaders" because they gave the impression they were merely moving the deck chairs on the Titanic hoping to find something that worked to correct the problems we faced.

    Is it time for TCU Footbal to undertake some radical changes? I think the consensus among the dedicated fan base is "Yes!" The best time to make major organizational changes is generally NOT in the entity's "busy season," whatever that is, but when a natural lull comes 'round. HCGP really needs to make some of those radical changes when the 2020 season is (thankfully!) over, not during the season. However...if those changes are not made, then it's up to ADJD to be very concerned about the direction of the football program.
  4. Maybe this is the year where Gary doesn't decide that every assistant coach is world class, that all they need is just a little tweak here and there... Or not.

    I'll be shocked (pleasantly) if there are any dramatic announcements this off season.
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  5. Boy howdy, it's a good thing he didn't do that this year or we'd be what, 2-5, or even 1-6? Being 3-4 makes Steel feel so much better.

    Wait, those wins are against UT, Baylor and Tech.

    Not bad!

    But seriously, he is angling toward the "this was a Covid year" narrative that we are all supposed to give everybody a pass this year and let them keep making millions for another year with dogcrap results.

    It's pretty clear at this point that the school is just being milked and that songs and safaris are more a priority than winning--which would be ok if GP were being paid for songs and safaris, but he's not. he's being paid. a lot. to win.

    Been a lot o losing going on the past 5 years. (32-27, 21-22 B12)
  6. I too have no problem waiting until the end, but changes must be made. We are just treading water. We are about to lose a bunch of season ticket holders and 2024 is near.
  7. If the program had a vision or destination it would move when it became clear that it needed to move and not wait for some arbitrary time window. This is even more true when the change necessarily involves personnel and presumably acquisition of talent that may draw attention from competitors. Unfortunately the time to move was a few years ago IMO.
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  8. You say that, but YOU PEOPLE keep feeding the monkey and continue to buy season tickets. Steel believes that the AD and GP have no worries about not selling season tickets because you people are morons and won't hold them accountable. They've been right about this for the past 5 years despite a losing B12 record.
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  9. agree. Right now he is trying to hold a team together and try and get it to 500 or better. Along with the adjustments I would imagine he is already doing.
  10. you mean east side suites and lodge boxes being sold out aren't the appropriate vision for the programs ultimate desitnation?
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  11. I think Anderson, Kelly, and Applewhite stay....all the others, Adios.

    Of course Anderson should be the first out the door but not gonna happen........the new OC will probably request he be reassigned. Kelly can recruit but I don't see any good route running/separation, etc. by the receivers and that's coaching. QJ is still running routes like in HS, deep, straight line verticals. Don't believe he even knows what a double move is but if he's ever coached that , he could develop into our best, even equal to Doctson.
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  12. Depends on who you ask
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  13. Appears to be yet another year. What an interesting situation and how he will handle this compared to the last 3 to 4 years. My money is on Gary to do his Gary thing!!
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  14. Lack of change by GP isn’t near as big a problem as his inability to make the right change. He’s somehow on the cusp of his 4th OC “ Change “ since joining the B12 and none of the changes in so far have actually resulted in any form of long term improvement. For a guy who’s built his reputation on having a great eye for player talent, he’s absolutely abysmal at identifying coaching talent. For everyone clamoring for change around here I would be careful what you wish for. GP doesn’t exactly have a great track record for OC talent
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  15. Yes, but our boy Kill will be making the decision....are you thrilled at that prospect?
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  16. ADJD needs to give a public deadline for evaluations and changes that is prior to the due date for buying season tickets. If that doesn't happen, why should I renew?
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  17. I do see some improvement in WR play this year. The drops are way down for one. I don't see very many moments when the receivers and the QB aren't on the same page either.

    If Patterson means he doesn't do the final evaluation and decide what if any changes need to made until after the season; OK. If he means no evaluation is happening during the year, he needs to retire now. How can you improve during the year if you don't look at what is working and why???
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  18. "You could spend all of your time evaluating and you don't win ballgames"

    ......or possibly fail to do either.
  19. Trying to analyze what GP means when talking to the media is useless because A) who the scheiss has that decoder ring; B) Even if you can somehow figure out what he means then half or more of what he says isnt consistent with what he truly knows or believes anyway.

    What I would say is most likely is that he already knows exactly what he's going to do. Now whether or not that's going to be what we all want to see or whether or not they're going to be the correct decisions remains to be seen. But I think it's highly unlikely he doesn't already know exactly what he's going to do.

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