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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Sweat Equity, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Right, three minutes into the second quarter of a tie game is a crucial moment.
  2. Clearly not possible. Our special teams are so good they do not need a dedicated coach.
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  3. I dont think I said anything about Delton. What I was saying was about the excellence of the performance of everyone, in this case the medical staff. They failed to do the thing they were suppose to do on time they were given.
  4. There are crucial moments through out football games. Do you think the crucial moments only come with three minutes to play in the game?

    Football is a game of strategy. It's sbout running plays to setup other plays later in the game or even in another game.

    The blocked punt was a crucial moment and that happened early in the game.

    I understand from people that Delton is well liked by the players and coaches. I'm sure they wanted to get him in to play against his old school. That's great then start him and play Duggan the rest of the game.
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  5. Based upon two very broad observations, I think we should start Delton from her on out and then bring Max on after a couple drives. 1) Max is a very slow starter at this point. It's probably nerves/hype, but he hasn't been able to get into a rhythm at the start of games. 2) Apparently, there's something in the transfer paperwork that mandates Alex playing, because he comes in every game.

    So, start Alex and give him a drive or two, then turn the reigns over to Max. Set a defined transition point so that everyone knows their role and stick to it.
  6. How about this start Collins.
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  7. Man i remember people joking that as soon as Duggan came in, posters would start calling for his backup. Didn’t realize it was gospel truth

    The fact is that Collins was an average to below average QB and Baldwin is a completely unknown quantity who has less than two months practicing in a TCU uniform. There’s absolutely no reason to think either of them would do better than Duggan at this point.

    is Duggan perfect? Absolutely not, he misses a lot of throws and needs to work on touch and seeing the field. But he’s light years better than Shawn and a lot better than any other young QB we’ve had in the past decade. Not only that, but he’s done nothing to hurt the team in terms of turnovers aside from a few fumbles earlier this season.
  8. I know this will be an unpopular opinion around here right now, but I have seen nothing to make me believe that Mike is a significant upgrade over Max at this point. The stat lines are similar and the eyeball test gets similar results. I assume that the practice results have been similar because I'm not privy to that information. So, if those guys are similar, then you go with the long-term prospect.

    I completely agree with Mike getting playing time over Alex, but it's obvious that for some reason Alex will see the field every game. So, it seems that the choice is between Max and Mike and the staff is making the long-term play. I have no problem with that choice.
  9. Gary needs to give up the Defensive Play Calling, let an 'Actual " Defensive Coordinator make the calls,and concentrate on his entire Team as HC, as it is obvious all areas are struggling, except maybe FG Kicker and Punter(outside of the block yesterday).
  10. So you think he should retire?
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  11. when players are confused or uncertain in what they are to do they don't move quickly.

    go back and look at the 2015 defense. they played much faster than the stop watch said they should play because there was no hesitation.

    hell, now we have times where the front is still shifting and players trying to communicate when the ball gets snapped.
  12. The throw he made on the quick post against Kansas in garbage time is all the evidence I need. What a thing of beauty.
  13. People keep saying this but that would leave Gary with all of the coaching duties that he isn't good at. Clock management, statistics based punt/go for it decisions, statistics based go for 1 or 2 decisions, timeouts, etc. No thanks
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    I know your point with this statement was in regards to the Defense... but I think it can absolutely apply to the Offense as well. More specifically - The entire WR position group.

    I'm telling you - IMO - NOBODY on this current coaching staff knows how to implement ROUTE CONCEPTS that:
    are anything but basic.
    b) vary based on individual WRs' strengths in order to create mismatches vs. the opponent's DBs. I honestly can't tell if any of our WRs (besides Reagor and TE Wells) have a skill or quality that is a quantifiable strength that is played to... just a lot of different players all looking the same out there. Which leads right into...
    c) are part of a cohesive GAMEPLAN.. The kind where plays may be added or subtracted from the playbook with the opponent in mind. To me it's like we have one set of individual passing plays we are going to use in every game... and run in no particular order. What's the point of scripting the first 25 plays if you aren't using them to "unlock" an opposing D and build upon to exploit weakness(es)!?! And finally....
    d) aren't accentuated by painfully sloppy route running. It's the most glaring indicator of the fact we don't have a coach qualified for the position group (and haven't for a while). As long as "player development" isn't worth having at the WR position - we will never see consistency and tempo from our passing game...no matter who happens to be dropping back at QB.
  15. This.

    It's like we've fallen back into 2013 in terms of offensive ineptitude, confusion and bumbling. It's all there.
  16. agree 100%

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