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Patterson Post Game Comments

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Sweat Equity, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. So GP isn’t firing the DC.
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  2. Probably reality setting in that he made a bad decision on OC and did not cover what they needed to, again, in the off season.
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  3. Love Duggan but he’s lucky to be in the game in the first place and is not yet performing at a level to be second guessing anything.
  4. I'd lie low right now.
  5. What the hell does putting Delton in for one play to hand the ball off accomplish? (I believe it was actually only ONE play he was in the game, not three). To me it speaks to how messed up this team and coaching staff is. Why does Delton get special treatment? We never inserted the backup in for a play when Boykin or anyone else was our starter. And why doesn’t Collins ever get to play? GP’s infatuation with Delton is just weird.
  6. He played 3 plays..We went 3 and out and punted..It was the drive after Sewo scores. GP ruined every ounce of momentum Max had built. Just awful timing for that non sense.
  7. What’s the point of putting him in?
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  8. The “fans” for buying in to hype for certain players some of whom (Jalen Raegor) have already checked out and are looking toward the draft. I’ve seen people on here who thought this team should be 11-1 which is comical. The qb situation is a cf. Max should be a very good player given time and an OC with half a brain but Cumbie has never developed a qb and made his bones on Boykin who improvised about 90 percent of the plays that were run.
  9. Loses confidence, no. Loses momentum, yes.
  10. Also, generally, establishing a running threat opens up more passing opportunities.
  11. I am tired of seeing Duggan throw wide or throw high or throw long. He just can’t throw the ball like it is required with a bunch of mediocre receivers. High School football in Iowa must be really bad.
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  12. I feel like you completely missed my point. I'm fairly certain it's NOT the fans' responsibility to bring in good players.
  13. Max had turf burn so bad on one elbow that it was bleeding. The trainers got it bandaged up while Delton was in.

    Later, after his epic TD run, Max got turf burn (bleeding, too) on the other arm-- it was bandaged up when he returned to the sidelines.
  14. That is a good update. That does change a little bit my mind about Delton going in. However, it doesn't too. The medical team has to be like a race car crew. They have only a little bit of time to change the tires, fill the gas, twist a nut on the engine. Because you can't miss the pace car, you cant lose your spot as you got to keep momentum. For football that team has to be on the ball to get that QB out there for the next series or any player. This is the excellence portion of the whole team which includes the medical team travelling. They have to be on the ball with the big injuries and they have to be on the ball for the minor ones and get players on the field patched up. GP, fans, everyone is relying on them to keep momentum and get the QB on the field.
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  15. Note to staff: There is some really good tape that is applied on the back side of the arms that does not impede any throwing action that prevents turf burn.
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  16. It was clear that the reason Delton went into the game was not because of turf burn to MD. It was pre-decreed and it was going to happen regardless.
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  17. If we want to beat UT, Mike Collins needs to start. Duggan in for relief if need be.
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  18. Maybe so. But if you look at the game stats, you might want to fix special teams. They may have contributed to this loss more than you realize.
  19. First he was inserted at a crucial moment in the game.
    Second he was only in for three plays because he couldn't lead the team to 10 yards and buy himself at the minimum three more plays.
    Finally, they put in a running qb and he throws two passes which gain six yards.
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  20. So, you saw a Nascar offense for TCU right before Delton went in?

    This is the comedy I'm talking about. Everyone so badly wants to blame our offensive troubles on a player who barely saw the field. The guy who was on the field for 95% of the plays was the problem. He'll grow up and get lots better when he isn't a true freshman in a bad offense.

    But FFS stop blaming Delton for our offensive shortcomings. After we scored the second time, we didn't put the great plague back in and we still only scored 17 all game.

    If people still want to back the fantasy that putting Delton in for three plays sidetracked our offense for the entire game, they should wonder what the hell happened to our football team.
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