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Patterson comments post game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by ftwfrog, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Patterson: “bowl games are for the kids. They’re stressful for coaches. My life is easier, but I feel bad for the kids. For the seniors.”

    So glad GP can have a stress free December. He’s earned it.
  2. Bwahahahahahahahaha
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  3. Guys lost in his thoughts right now.

    very conflicted, kinda sad to see.

    what he thought was a trusted a confident choice at OC has betrayed him and now he has some decisions he’s not wanted to make for a year or two.

    This is a very huge turning point in TCU football....
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  4. Cmon...the OC didn’t betray him or anyone else. He may not be good in the role but he didn’t betray anybody.
  5. He needs to fire about 5 coaches, some of them long time friends.

    it will be interesting if he or the boy wonder AD has the stones to make the necessary changes.
  6. these comments are further proof that the problems start at the top, in case you weren’t convinced
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  7. depending on who you ask, the OC is blatantly stealing money from the university as he’s pretending to do a job he was hired to do (coach, play caller, etc.)

    might not be betrayal but fits the definition of a thief. We hired him to perform and have been overly generous with him given lack of success of any kind.
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  8. Bottom line is Gary likely knows this may be his last big retool so he has to get it right. He’s said he doesn’t plan on coaching at 70 and next year he’ll be 60.

    Considering the last big shuffle came in 2013, that could make this the last time we see mass change across the board.

    I think his coaching mortality is playing a part in this.
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  9. Hope Gary retires
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  10. The OC is also the QB coach and top recruiter. He’s definitely failed at one part of his job, been average in another and been the best on the staff in the third.
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  11. Spot darning on.

    Add the effort and BS which accompanies firing and hiring can mentally wear you thr darn out just thinking about it...
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  12. Someone is stealing money.

    I point the finger somewhere else. A lot of us paid thousands of dollars for season tickets. On top of $ for beer, parking, travel, Uber, and I’m not the one pulling in 5M a year to not really be disappointed that we lost our last game and didn’t become bowl eligible.

    IF this was going to be the attitude I wish someone would’ve let us know before we sat in [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty conditions for 4 hours, knowing god damn well that we’d be called out for being bad fans if we didn’t show up.

    Yes. This whole bit is getting tiresome. .
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  13. find me a job where I can fail 2/3 of my job description and get paid millions.

    no such thing as a million dollar recruiter in college football. Even the best recruiters (Tosh Lupoi, Tee Martin, etc.) hit a pay ceiling because they couldn’t call plays

    Who has Cumbie recruited thats so awesome on offense? I’d argue Luper is better & hasn’t missed on a RB yet.
  14. So ADJD can find us a replacement...good luck with that
  15. His comments were absolutely crummy. Kids work their butts off, don’t get paid. Seniors didn’t deserve that. You’re making $5 million Gary. Freaking act like it
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  16. I wish Cumbie could stay as the QB coach but that's unlikely if GP replaces him...

    I think he's done a very good job there...SRob was a lost cause and Max was an improving true freshman.
  17. We didn’t start Coker at RT today so he could play 4 years from now, he ain’t retiring anytime soon.
  18. He’s NOT the best recruiter. You gotta be kidding me.
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  19. You think he's been average as a QB coach? We haven't had a QB play up to his talent since Boykin left. I would call that terrible. He's recruited some guys but not to the level, in my opinion, of Fitch and Luper but who cares if he can recruit but is unable to coach them up after they get here? If he recruits some kid who is a 4 star but is so bad at coaching him he plays like a 2 star, what good is that exactly?
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