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Pathetic Coaching

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Smooth42, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. When you continue to try to execute the same sorry plays, and refuse to substitute at QB for some unknown reason, you may lose.
  2. I’m not sure the play calling and supporting cast would allow Collins to be any better.
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  3. he couldn't possibly do worse
  4. We will never know!
  5. Sideline pass, deep throw 10 yards overthrown, run for no gain, punt, repeat
  6. Of course he could.
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  7. We didn’t have any overthrown deep throws tonight.
  8. Someone has to admit that SR is not a QB. find him another position or let him transfer
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  9. We won't know until he plays.
  10. But GP will just ride this kid so he can lose the fan base the alumni and his team just because he is soon dang stubborn and he is going to show all of us!!!! GP, take a deep breath and admit he is not your guy, time to move on! We have plenty of guys behind him to give him a shot. SR truly looks lost out there and shows no sign of improving.
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  11. When your QB has more TO's than games played, then he's not good. He should have had three more picks because he doesn't know how to make reads. He was amazing in HS due to being a man amongst boys, but he's been figured out...and he quite frankly, sucks.

    If Gary is the coach, he'll make a change. Unfortunately, it seems we're in give up mode this year. Expect empty stands.
  12. That may also be true. Don’t know until you try it.
  13. Yes we did
  14. Name it. I don’t remember one.
  15. The best part of this week was GP being coy about SR playing this week like we are hiding Joe Montana!
  16. He threw deep OOB at one point. On purpose.
  17. 3.8 yards per carry against Texas Tech

    under 3 yards per carry against Iowa State and Texas

    QB IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!@!111
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  18. SR3 still trying to do too much. Should have thrown more deep balls but we did throw across the middle tonight. Ugly ugly game on both sides. Tough loss..... can’t win with turnovers. Good job steroid ref!
  19. The problems are many
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