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Out coached, out schemed and out played

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. It’s certainly not advantageous for a coach who spent a year or more on your staff to go somewhere and bring his own team into a game against you. But what exactly were you supposed to glean from that experience about how a consultant would run his own team? Dykes got to experience Patterson’s system from the inside. It didn’t work both ways. I can pretty much guarantee that if CGP got to spend a year in another coach’s system like that and then prepared a team to play against him, defensive records would be broken.
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  2. Good point.

  3. 100% agree.

    Which is precisely why the comments GP made in regards to SMU calling out plays is scheissing mind blowing.

    Everyone talks about GP “not showing much in the UAPB game” and “playing very vanilla.”

    Wouldn’t it make some sense to implement some new ship into both the defensive and offensive schemes, if not for this game, but games moving forward? Instead, he took the lazy approach and said things like

    1. The team didn’t practice well all week
    2. They were calling out our plays
    3. I don’t know why Cumbie stuck with Duggan, that’s why he’s got microphones in his face.

    Some really perplexing stuff right there.
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  4. Adding to that, Cumbie’s offense hasn’t evolved one single bit. Not one. It’s the same exact playbook we’ve seen for 3 years and the same exact playbook that continues to get us no where.

    How bad does Purdue suck. Holy ship.
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  5. If SMU called out our plays, shame on us. Really? You have a guy over there who is their head coach who was here two years ago and we don't change things. That's like trying to beat them with one arm tied behind our backs. It did seem like our receivers were never open, never.

    And yet we still should have won. Amazing we got it this close when you think of all the dumb butted things we did during the game.
  6. Well, we don’t play many teams that we have coaches as former coaches.
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  7. And that’s telling in more ways than one
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  8. True
  9. One would think at your age and with all you have been through that you would have gained some wisdom, but you are still ignorant about football. 6 fumbles,3 lost is what happened. The plan was to run the football and they stuck to it except for the stupid Sewo pass which is on GP. SMU is good this year and Sonny D is a good coach. The big take away was GP letting Max know he is ‘The Man’. There were plenty of times that Delton busting a big run would have helped, but he stuck with Max. Now there is a great film for Max to learn from, when he could have run etc. This loss means nothing to us and SMU got an ‘historic’ day for it. Shane B was on fire. It makes me like the transfer rules because good players can get opportunities.
  10. Why is everyone forgetting how many times we gifted SMU the ball right on the doorstep of our goal line? SMU doesn't even sniff 41 points without all those turn overs
  11. If the plan was to run the football and they stuck to it, how does Sewo only get 5 carries and that's only one more than Demercado?
  12. Sewo did not play a single snap for about one quarter after his fumble.
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  13. Look at the stats. Fumbles were the difference.
  14. Yeah, anybody who’s seen a GP team play before knew that was gonna cost him some snaps. Was hoping they’d make SMU one of Barlow’s 4.
  15. It should. He fumbles the ball a ton
  16. My opinion...... when the dust settles we realize losing to 2019 SMU isn’t like losing to previous versions of SMU, turnovers more than anything else killed us, Max started turning a corner in the 2nd half, and this isn’t 2018 again. I think we play well this weekend.
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  17. How dare you bring optimism in here!
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    I’ve been told my optimism/lack of pessimism is a beating so take very little of what I say seriously.
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  19. Two ways I think to look at this. I want to believe they dont want to leave, I hope it is not the other which I think is what you are thinking.
  20. Every year we complain about some team knowing our signals- this is just exhausting. Just change the freaking things already man rather than throw our hands up after we get torched.

    Why did we recruit Tevailance Hunt and John Stephens JR?

    Follow up: Who do we think is better suited for a fade route or a jump ball? John Stephens or Derius Davis?
    We threw 17 fades to the 5'8 Davis on saturday. Why? Somebody answer this.
    Last year we insisted on playing the 5'5 Turpin as an outside receiver. Again. Why?

    The use of personnel is just god awful.

    Also, are there still any idiots out there that still think Sonny is some type of QB whisperer? or are yall finally ready to concede that point? If not, you can help him pack his suitcase when he gets fired- I'll drive the guy to the airport.
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