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Out coached, out schemed and out played

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wes, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. You and ol #87 should sit by each other, you would have lots to talk about.
  2. Did i say anything inaccurate? Would rather have my 6'5 guy go up for a jump ball than my 5'8 guy. Really splitting the atom there

  3. No, nothing.
  4. Where’s the coaching tree? And I’ve had many employees who didn’t want to leave. Some were good for the business and others not so much.
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  5. no, they sniff 31 directly and why did tcu start their second drive inside their own 5?

    smu got 10 points off turnovers and that does take the margin to 31.

    they all rolled down the field on the first two series of the game, the last two series of the half and when tcu had cut the lead to 7 in the 3rd
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  6. The short fields helped the D from defending as many plays and kept us from giving up 550 yards or so. Hard to complete 45 yard passes from your opponents 6 yard line
  7. Right on. I am willing to let Max grow up. He will be Buechele only a lot better. He missed a lot of receivers and didn’t run when he could have. He has a great, educational but painful film to watch. Lots of missed blocking assignments all over the O. Re our D: SMU is good. They had 3 solid wins against group of 5 competition. We gifted them 17 points off turnovers plus the ill-timed Sewo pass when we should have given it to #6 or kick a FG.
  8. We suck the sky is falling panic!
  9. I think we actually gifted them 10. Your point stands just the same.
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  10. I would not let Sewo carry the ball anytime inside our own 20. Much less from the 2.
  11. Duggan is in the running for Heisman if he’s at OU. A top flight OC has to put the guys he has in a position to succeed.
    Heisman part is only half serious.
  12. I'd have Anderson in there every series and give him as many carries as he can handle, which I think is way more than what he is getting. He is such a better runner than Sewo in this system, and it's not even close IMO.

    It's almost a shame we haven't taken more advantage of DA's skills in his time here.
  13. Half serious is way too serious. At some point the kid needs to find receivers on time and deliver accurate passes. I feel like the bar for him is almost Muehlstein low.

    And I do think he can be a very good QB at some point.
  14. I consider the 7 (or 3 if we kick a FG) that we left on the table after Sewo pass as part of the gift.
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  15. Before the game, my friend guaranteed that SMU would score first. Why? because they always do. Because Patterson always defers. Wouldn't you think a change of strategy would be in place?
  16. Think it is more overconfident in our system. We underestimate our competition's level of preparation and overestimate our own.
  17. Good post, Win!!
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  18. Can we move Sewo to H-Back TE..Seems to catch the ball pretty well and it would give you improved ball skills at the H-Back on the field with Anderson
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  19. Would make more sense than handing the ball to him 5 yards behind the LOS while he’s standing still.
  20. And standing straight up..He runs way to tall
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