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Our ranking goes up to 12

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Nov 14, 2017.

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    So ND only fell 5 spots?

    Damn, Washington got drop kicked. Fell 9 spots.
  2. Need West Virginia to beat Oklahoma to get back in the top 25, then beat Oklahoma in the championship.

    Three top 25 wins and a conference championship makes a strong case with Notre Dame out of the running.
  3. Of course they slide Michigan in at #24 to boost Wiskys resume.
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  4. Whisky may lose their last two. At minny won’t be a cake walk.
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  5. First rankings I’ve had an issue with. The drive for the Big 10 is so obvious. TCU falls from 6 to 12 but Ohio State is in the top ten even though they got their ass kicked by OU at home and also really got their ass kicked for their other loss
  6. Why are we behind Penn State?
  7. I doubt ND is out of it. Only fell 5 spots after getting whipped. Tcu and GA both fell 6 with no worse losses.
  8. Losses don’t matter much. Ranked wins do.
  9. But we are not Notre Dame
  10. Win the next 3 we are in. Pac-12 and Notre Dame are out. Therr may be a 11-2 Big Ten Champion and a 11-2 Big XII champion in the playoff because the way this season has shaken out. There will not be 2 from one conference. Conferences in this year are Big Ten, SEC, Big XII, and ACC. Beat Tech!
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  11. This year. At this time. Who knows what will matter next week or the next? Maybe we'll see a return to game control and body clock.
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  12. This is the key. The weird thing is you can lose to dogpoop (no filter apparently on that term) teams as long as you beat the good ones. No such thing as a ‘good loss’ (until they use it justify a big ten team getting in).
  13. Probably because they’ve lost two games on the road by a total of 4 points. I’m fine with our ranking, it’s probably about where we should be. The two things that jump out at me are Michigan State only dropping to #17 and Iowa State dropping from #14 to completely out of the rankings after losing a competitive game to Okie State. That’s a head scratcher but I’m not going to get all worked up about it.

  14. Stop caring, its easier.
  15. Exactly. Osu has no business being ranked like that.
  16. Ohio State has no business being ranked there. Neither does Notre dame. But hey, I am sure the urban meyer log lickers will defend it.
  17. See post 2. If that doesn't clear it up I can't help.

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