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Our last TD

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by SuhDude, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. I'm pretty sure I saw GP tell Cumbie to try and score as he didnt look happy that Miles kept calling timeouts when we were trying to clock it.

    Well played. Suck it, Les.
  2. Either that or he wanted our third string quarterback to get used to scoring touchdowns also. Collins look too good on that last drive to deny him.
  3. It was definitely a screw you moment. Timeouts were total bush league as we were letting the game end
  4. Agree. Well deserved.
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  5. I didn't mind it. I liked that we were letting those players get some work in. It wasn't like we were throwing long bombs. I think we threw only one pass on the entire series too.
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  6. Don’t like it, stop it.
  7. I'm usually a proponent of not running up the score, but the timeouts were stupid and so I'm glad we threw a middle finger at Les.
  8. He clearly had them running a hurry up. Cumbie almost had a heart attack racing down the sideline trying to get the guys to get that last play off.
  9. I could see Cumbie speeding them up. Was that right after yall saw GP say something to him?
    Maybe GP wantes to have them experience a hurry up.
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  10. No, that’s not it. GP was going to let the game run out until Miles called timeouts. He said it in postgame and it was obvious. There is no need for discussion on “why” we did it.
  11. It's a bad look regardless of why.

    Wish we wouldn't have done that.
  12. I liked it.
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  13. Terrible take
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  14. Great look. Splendid. Opponent takes TO’s...shove it up their ass
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  15. Agree to disagree. 4 TD lead over the conference doormat and you have to be offended and score again?

    How would you feel if Herman did that?
  16. Why didn’t we kick a PAT? Do you not get an attempt if the clock runs out before the score?
  17. If Coach P was banging timeouts down 45-14 with 2 minutes left, I’d be perfectly fine with it. I’d still hate him, but I would have no complaints about that.
  18. Coach P didn’t want to run up the score.
  19. We should have run-up-the-score more.
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  20. I didn’t realize you could decline the try?

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