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OU vs TCU predictions

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Horny4TCU, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. 31-17 OU. We lead at half 14-13
  2. We will win every quarter but the 3rd Quarter.
  3. I’ve been clinging to semi irrational optimism so I’m gonna go full blown pessimist this week and hope I continue to be wrong. Didn’t some team in the last couple years have a QB drop back and blow out bis knee/fumble without anyone touching him on the first play of the game? I’m hoping for something like that for OU.
  4. With Gaines out and done for the season, changing my prediction.

    OU 45
    TCU 13
  5. OU might beat us by 3 tds.
  6. Obviously.....OU will load it's defensive line in a concerted effort to overwhelm our rather unstable OL and force

    Robinson into making mistakes. Our ability to adapt and the ability of our defense to deter the Sooner offense

    will determine Saturday's outcome.
  7. Can't for the life of me understand why some genius decided OU was the team to play on homecoming. Brilliant.
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  8. In the olden SWC days, Texas was usually the homecoming game...butts in seats....On other years, it was Tech or Baylor, or Rice....
  9. Just judging from twitter, our players are still worried about making money in the NFL than playing decent college football and being thankful for their opportunity to play another game, this team has ego and that’s about it
  10. frogs play a full game, big up set, 32-28
  11. This. OU gets 10-14 points off frogs’ TOs. Frogs D does its job but it’s not enough.

    And yah, I definitely want to eat a lot of crow.
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  12. I don’t follow twitter and I figure you’re probably exaggerating to some extent but I’ve wondered about certain members of this team for awhile now. But I’m just going off a vibe more so than trying to interpret these fellas’ social media stuff.
  13. Cool. Relevant information.
  14. ou 21-0 then we start the 2nd quarter
  16. Not going to happen,but I do like your optimism.
  17. You don’t know.
  18. We played anOSU close.

    We correct the turnover issue

    Frogs win by 8 because Gary read my post about his win by 1 philosophy doesn't work in the B12.
  19. An attempt to get more purple in the seats and less red?

    Prediction: Frogs win. Why not? We should've beaten everybody. Hopefully Frogs are itching to prove something.
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  20. Sooners 56
    Frogs 13

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