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OU QB information….


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I think y’all are overlooking the value of his access to raisin canes chicken and ability to smoothly slide that into the offerings at Amon g. Delish snack while our d gets pounded in the back end.


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And this arrogant child is who were supposed to be afraid of? Even Rattler is a bit of an immature leader.
I feel the Frogs have a chance in this one.
The team had basically quit on Rattler. The line has been terrible until Williams came in. All of a sudden, they clicked. No way were we going to see Rattler short of an injury to Williams. If our defensive staff thought otherwise, we are worse off than I thought. We have little to no chance of these injuries are true. And if so, what the heck is going on with all the injuries.


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It's KFC, dude. We don't do that. We post vague comments based on "what we've heard from sources".

Chipotle is optional to this conversation.
Last week QJ was going to play according to this board and then didn’t. Add to that Khari Coleman was doubtful and he ended playing the whole game.