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I do find the talk of this magically makes OU a title contender a little premature. One, coming off the bench and winging it is a way different then preparing to start. Two, this will be a distraction no matter how much they try to play it down.
I am sure he will find the ineptitude of our defense very confusing. He will be like, "Why didn't they practice tackling? That is so confusing why they wouldn't devote more time to that."
We just don't have enough equity built up for any confidence to win at OU.. Said it the other day, Rattler is a fine QB and may get his starting job back but I doubt it. This Williams kid has figured it out and Rattler has hit a bump in the road. BTW: I think Riley knew it would appear one day and sure enough it did. It's been building all season long not just against UT. Believe OU will quit fooling around now and will churn out the wins.


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Watch QB1 season 3 on Netflix and then decide if you'd take him. All the talent in the world but he did himself no favors before he ever took a college snap. He was arrogant and not a very good teammate before he was suspended for the remainder of his season.

Can someone just give the cliff notes? I don't have Netflix and certainly don't want to watch. Four or five examples?


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Can someone just give the cliff notes? I don't have Netflix and certainly don't want to watch. Four or five examples?


This passage from the article above is the main culprit. But it was everything. The attitude, entitlement, and arrogant nature was there from the jump
Ahead of Rattler’s senior year, the Netflix series “QB1: Beyond the Lights” went to Phoenix, following the Pioneers’ star for 10 episodes. It didn’t air until Rattler had already arrived at Oklahoma, but some content captured during his last high school slate wasn’t flattering.

In episode four, Rattler, a team captain, blamed backup and former Michigan commit JD Johnson’s lack of mental toughness after they lost a competition to the defense in practice. Rattler then missed two weeks with an ankle injury before returning against California's JSerra Catholic, a national powerhouse, in episode six.

Rattler proceeded to trash talk his JSerra opponents throughout the game before struggling in the fourth quarter of a loss. He quickly brushed it off, telling his teammates, “We’re still winning state,” afterward, but the season took a turn for the worse.

Zupke informed his team Rattler wouldn’t play against Chaparral in an ESPNU-televised game, with Rattler later blaming an MCL sprain for his inactivity. After the Chaparral game, news broke that Rattler was suspended for the remainder of the season for an unspecified violation of the school district’s code of conduct. His family has preferred to keep it a private matter, other than his father acknowledging it wouldn’t appear on his record. Rattler himself called it “a childish, dumb mistake.”


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