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Was the unsportsmanlike conduct flag after I think it was the 2nd touchdown, ever get explained? It didn't look like the Tcu players did anything out of the ordinary.
I was in the stadium and couldn’t hear really well but I’m pretty sure the ref said: “There is no penalty on the play but our bell cow is getting their collective asses handed to them so 15 yard penalty TCU for unsportsmanlike conduct, half the distance to the goal, and we really really hope this keeps them from scoring on this drive”

Or something close to that.

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I texted one of my OU buddies and asked how the Soonercide watch was going. He said he and wife turned off the tv at halftime and went to the gun range.
They oughta be Redskins fans for the past 20 years (post-Snyder.) That's REAL pain.

O'kay OU lost 2 in a row to two conference mates, no reason to be upset.

Tell them to look at it this way: This is just practice for the SEC - 2 in a row will be commonplace for 'dem after the '24 season.

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